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Wildblue Southwest Victoria

Portland and district has some of the most exceptional flora and fauna combined with a rugged coastline and outstanding fishing. This Wildblue website has been setup  to showcase this extraordinary area.


Southern Bluefin Tuna  Good news is that the BIG Southern Blue Fin tuna have returned to Portland. Southern Blue Fin's up to 156.4kg  and Albacore to 35kg were caught both here, Port Fairy and at Port MacDonnell NOW. Some boats are getting hook ups for 3-4 hours to catch one of these monsters. Good catches of 20-40kg Southern Blue Fin are also coming into the boat ramp. Grab your boat and and gear and get down here for some of the best fishing in Australia.



Michael Hunter



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The southern right whales pass these cliffs on their way to Warrnambool to have their young during winter and  sometimes rest in Portland bay after their long journey  from Antarctica. In summer they usually stay over night and head off to Warrnambool usually the next day, they have at times even frequented the harbour to massage the barnacle areas on the breakwaters. The krill uplift welling sometimes when it is calm is as Blue as Ink in Bridgewater Bay and also this holds one of the Biggest Marine Parks in Victoria for size.



  This wild forest region displays extraordinary wild raptors and endangered birds which are stunning and a magnificent sight to be viewed. Photos of rare and visual birds plus raptors can be viewed on this site, which normally would not be seen.  Birds such as the endangered orange bellied parrots, endangered red tail black cockatoos and raptors like the wedge tail eagles, white bellied sea eagles to the numerous falcons.  These spectacular photos have been take by Bob McPerson, Jeff Blackman and Niel Tonkin. 






Wildblue Boat Ramp Camera. This unique  camera has been a great attraction to the area, offering fishermen from far and wide to see in real time what the catch of the day is and also weather conditions. This camera has been installed with the help of The Glenelg Shire, Bob McPherson Plumbing, and Hotkey Southcoast Internet.




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