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Cape Bridgewater   Print 

Cape Bridgewater Bay & its Fur Seal Colony.


Bridgewater is famous for its breathtaking views, beaches including the highest cliffs off the sea in Victoria, at 130meters above sea level. There have been many painters who have captured this unbelievable place on canvas. With many photos being taken here. One of Australia?s largest Fur Seal colony has approximately 600 resident seals, with numbers surging to over 800 during breeding season. Most being juveniles and few old seals, as they don?t breed here. The closest colony is at Julia Percy Island where the Fur Seals breed.  During breeding there is a lot of competition between the bull seals for their territory. The Seal Point Colony can be viewed from a platform, 55 meters above, on the volcanic headland cliffs. This allows a spectacular view as well as the breathtaking surrounding views. It is an amazing walk on the trail, metres above the waterline leading to the seals.  All senses are stimulated with spectacular views, sea spray, roar of the ocean breaking in the caves at ocean level and the smell of the Fur Seals. Another way of accessing this marvel of seals is by a charter boat, if you book in with the local guides. Make sure you take a camera or you?ll regret this special experience. Other attractions are the Blow holes, Petrified Forest and of course the fantastic eye pulling views of the fresh water, Bridgewater Lakes.

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