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Casterton   Print 

Castertons eyeadjusting Flora and Fauna.

Castertons region would be the most under rated flora area in Victoria in regards to wildflowers and native orchids that can be viewed in spring from its famous fauna parks such as Wilkins flora reserve which is only one of many in the regions vast Parks and forests nestled on the top of the mighty Glenelg River. Some of the countries rarest and exquisite flora and orchids come from this region, not to mention the fauna with a strong hold for the rare and endangered  southern red tail black cockatoo which is a real eye adjuster to see in its natural inviorament.Most of the wildflowers and an array of orchids can be viewed from the traveling the roads just outside the city which is a gateway through a mass of stringy bark forest full of fauna and even the farm land is a road through the Brolga breeding grounds for the observant tourist. This region .arguably holds more arrays of wildflowers and orchids than the Grampians region. The department?s burn in recent years has set off a smorgasbord of wildflowers and orchids in recent years during spring and the area is becoming quite famous again.

Wilkin fauna reserve in the region was famous back in pre 1950?s and from1956 to1977 the main photos from the experts were taken at these shows from photographers from all over Australia. The shows died in 1977 when native orchids and flowers were not allowed to be picked after 21 years of set displays. Jim Ross famous from these parts and now deceased used to do the drawings and plates of the rare orchids for the studies and  history of the area and these one day may end up in a museum in the region if plenty of other displays from the region to bring back its rich historical history of the region. His drawing display such rear orchids as the Hastata or known now as the Mellblooms spider orchid to name one that  had drawings back in the 1940?s . This is  just one of the regions rare spider orchids. We will endeavor to display some of this history soon on this site as these drawings and historical notes are still in the hands of Jim?s wife Val. This is some history not like some that may not disappear and may be enjoyed by so many naturalists in the future.

Yes so there is a lot more to Casterton than the Christmas street lights and the famous Kelpie farm dogs of this region.

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