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Bobs Fishing tips an tricks   Print 



Some tips for new commers to S.B.Tuna Trolling.


 You could talk all day on trolling tenequen!! Marlin etc and it can become confusing ;Note You need at least 1 or 2 Killer Vibes which are bib less lures one pink ,one green , and 1 should be put in the centre area of the boat and very short such as 12/14 meters behind the boat in the rich prop wash ; the other about another  10 meters behind no 1  on the other side then run skirts over these out further say another 10 meters ;;The close one will nilly always go off first ; Not speed is at  7.5 to 8.5 m.p.h. ;You never straight line trolll  as you always  zig zag   in big bends left then back to right and don't go to places in a straight lines ;1 the lures  when zig zaging jump from rich prop wash to clean water and vies versa  when the boat is  doing the directional curve changes so as to tease the fish ;Note tuna will not turn around to take a lure if it is not in a angle to there travelling direction ; It is a good practice  to troll  around busting tuna not through the centre of them and  turn the boat after the busting school and only pull the lures through the school of tuna as this will not put the tuna down .This will get you some hook ups if you use some of these rules of thumb!!!Cheers Bob.




 More of the Dolphinfish colors.



 Some of Saturdays catch in the 100 meter water.


Birds and  Tuna from Sundays trip in the 100 meter water.
















 Just to make sure everybody is on a level playing field ; This is the Black Pete's Marlin magic lure that has been so successful!!!!

 125 kg S.B.Tuna coming to the boat.                                                                                     125 K,G. Tuna  from Sunday 15/4/07.

 125kg SBTuna on 24 kg. off Portland  15/4/07 .In front of Cape nelson Light House  area. About 14 mile from the Harbour. In aprox 50 meters of water,





  3.5 meter Giant Squid,over 120kg.





 Note the Crimson Krill were the tuna feed.



nt Mako sharks.





Fishing is a passion to many and they live to fish; some target some species with inexhaustible desire and passion, in a lot of cases this expertise can be acquired quit easy through books, reports and word of mouth through clubs and friendships or just by being observant !! in most cases they are not huge secrets or mysteries when explained in simple terms to the inquisitive ones, One of the simplest  ways is approach the local Tackle outlets where you fish and be observant such as to where, timing of tides,baits,lures and presentation, teneque and so on. You can learn a lot just at the boat ramps by just observing who catches what regularly and what sort rod set up they use from what gear is in there boats etc .alot of fishermen will freely give advise if approached humbly .