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Past Report 2011   Print 

Bob McPherson "Fishing Report."

local catch & recent photos. 

Shark Photos "Click HERE."

Blake and Tanner Hay with the kings out of 4 hook ups and part of there catch today.

30/12/11.Today plenty of size snapper to 1 kg,odd Nth. Shore Whiting,Squid and plenty of Sharks around over the Nth. Shore.

This Carpet Shark was one of several released sharks today.

28/12/11.Plenty of School Sharks have been caught by several boats to 25 kg.Other catches of 7 Gill Shark,odd gummies with even a 2 meter Hammer Head by one Fisho.Plenty of size Snapper,Travely, odd small Yellow Tail with large whiting and good squid catches have all came for the Nth. Shore in the 7/13 meter water.There was one "King fish" weighed today at 11.5 kg.

These are the larger Nth.Shore .9+ Kg.

Dean Emmerson with 11.5 kg "King" from Wednesday.

18/12/11.This week has had good catches of Snapper from the Lee Breakwater with odd Squid,Salmon and odd Trasher Shark,Saturday one Snapper to 6 kg.Jack Hose and myself had a play over the Nth Shore with the wild weather in 8 meter water; with School Sharks to 26 kg, a Gummie to 11 kg,small Snapper,Salmon and some big 7 Gill Sharks.

Jack with a School Shark left,Gummie on the Right.

Jack with a big 7 Gill Shark ;This was released.

10/12/11.This week has had good Snapper from size to 3/7.5 kg off the Lee Breakwater with other catches of Cal. squid,7 Gillers,Salmon etc.The boats are having simular catches over the Nth. Shore with the addition of Sharks, Mulloway, Tailor,Whiting etc.The 70 meter water is fishing well with Morwong,Queen Morwong,flathead,Snapper,Coral Purch,Gummies,School Shark etc.Snook and salmon are also on the chew near the Rock.Jack Hose and myself had a variety of fish in the deep water on Saturday so the water seems to have plenty of life in it.

Jack Hose with some of Saturdays catch.

This "Rig"will be a good "Yellowtail" FAD fish attractor being anchored in the 22 meter water for the next 3 months.

19/11/11.Snapper to 6.8 kg have been caught including alot of smaller ones mixed with good catches of Squid off the Lee Breakwater.Simular catches also from the boats over the Nth. shore.Some good catches of Whiting also from most of the usual spots.The charter boats and others have been doing well in the 70 meter water with,Gummies,Schoolies to 30 kg.,Flatheat,Snapper,morwong,Queen Morwong and the list goes on.Some Jew Fish were caught over the Nth. Shore yesterday and for the serious fisho's they have been there for a while.Jack Hose,Jack Oliver and myself had a play in the 100 meter water yesterday with any amount of table fish.

Jack with some of yesterdays catch in the 100 meter water.

24/10/11.Snapper up to 3 kg. have been caught from the Lee Breakwater for the last several weeks,including Calamarie squid,odd whiting,Gummies and even a couple of 6 kg Mulloway.Phill Daffey caught a 30 kg. School Shark yesterday in the deeper water with on offer good snapper,Morwong,Queen Morwong.Gummies,Schoolies,Flathead and the list goes on.

4/9/11.Some Trevally are still being caught from the reclaimed land,squid from the Lee Breakwater.Not alot of fisho's this weekend.Jack,Daniel and myself had a crack at the sweap this weekend in cape Nelson.

Jack with some of the Sweep.

28/8/11.Some of the boats fishing the 70/100 meter water this week have caught good Gummies to 17kg,Nifejaw,Morwong and 3kg. snapper in good numbes.Travelly are being caught from the Reclaimed land area.We fished with Chris ferkin and jack Hose on Sunday with some Whiting,small snapper and samon yet it was a bit slow.

Chris Ferkin and Jack on Sunday.

15/8/11.There has been no S.B.Tuna exposure now for a couple of weeks which is normal for this part of the season.Those who have fished the 50/70 meter water have had Gummie Shark,medium size snapper,Morwong, odd Queen Morwong to 5kg.plenty of Flathead, flying Gurnard and the list goes on;others have caught good catches of Snook at Larence Rocks;Some are now chasing School Shark while Calarie Squid are comming from the Lee break water.Travely from the "re claimed" area in the Harbour.There is Samon at Black Nose also.

  • 31/7/11.Still plenty of S.B.Tuna being caught in the 70 meter water East of Lorance rocks."Adamas charters" and several other boats caught plenty yesterday and will do the same to day.

24/7/11.Still S.B.Tuna 10/12 Kg.being caught by Charter boats and Private rec. in the 50/70 meter water apox.10 klom. East of Lorance Rocks .Simular Tuna are at Port McDonnell.

15/7/11.All the Charter boats did well today yet some of the others had bits and pieces for there time on water.Most of the good catches came from the West of Bridgewater.

Charles Bradley with some of the catch off the Charter.

Theo Aspro with his catch off "Sharkman" Charters.

11/7/11.The swell has sure stired things up this week but looks like boats are hiting the water from wednesday.

The swell on the Corkscrew today;and its gone off some.

3/7/11.Still plenty of S.B.Tuna in the 50 meter water for all those involved.Jack Hose of "Portland Bait & Tackle"Craig and my self seen plenty today and released quite a few and its not far back to the Harbour when its all dusted.

Jack shows one of todays Tuna.

More of todays Tuna.

"3 meter Great White"Rodney Lawn of "Adamas Charters"was good enough to share he's photo with you of his visiting Great white that hung around when fishing for "Mako" Sharks today.Good sceenery for his customers mixed with the Jumping mako and Tuna today.

Rod Lawns visiting Great White Shark today.

1/7/11.Still plenty of S.B.Tuna in close behind the Rock and beyond. "Apollo Bay"Julian Coyne caught one of the latest Barrels of 114 kg. last monday with a 100 mm. skirted lure and boated in just over 1 hr.

Julian Coynes 114 kg. S.B.Tuna from last monday.

30/6/11.The last fuew calm days all the boats on Tuna in close have baged out not long after noon.

S.R.Whale breeching with a boat on Tuna in background yesterday.

Another Pakula lure were been using.

The Sounder showing S.B.Tuna we were working on.

25/6/11.Most of the boats out today did well with a fuew having to work for them as they are finicky and wind was up today from N/W.

Jack from "Portland Bait & Tackle" shows how small the Tuna in close are today.

A S.R.Whale we seen today showing its Baleens.

24/6/11.Most of the boats out today fished in 60 meter water East of Cape Nelson and were in just after "Noon".So at the moment you don't have to travel very far aprox 3 klom. off the Cape.

"Game on" Charters crew sent this photo of todays catch which would be simular to other Charter catches today.

22/6/11."Apollo Bay";Nick Jopsom and crew Paul and Bill fishing boat "The Rat" back 3 weeks now ;31/5/11. had a 3 way hook up on barrels and managed the third one at 127 kg. which we can have a look at.

Nick and crews 127 kg S.B.Tuna.

18/6/11.Adamas Charters ,Game on,Seaspray and a fuew others caught there S.B.Tuna in close today and so did some Private boats in 50 meters of water and were back not long after 2 o'clock.

Ben Arnold shows Tuna caught on Adamas Charters today.

17/6/11."Apollo Bay":Red eye sent these photos from last tuesday which would be of interest to some.

Hi Bob

Its Redeye here mate I met you when you Jumped on board my boat with John Haber to fixed the steering problem earlier on this year,

I took your advice and didnít use the out riggers while chasing the tuna and had a much better hook up rate. After Dropping a couple of big Barrels at the boat and getting cut off a couple of weeks ago we finally landed a nice fish off Apollo Bay on Tuesday. It was weighed in at 125KGS. Iíve included a shot of the sounder seconds before we hooked up. There is still heaps of bait holding out there and we saw plenty of fish out there, Three other fish were caught on that day ranging from 80kgs to 110kgs plus a few guys caught 20 kgs fish.

Speak soon mate


Chris Redeye Fowler

Redeye with the 125kg. S.B.Tuna from tuesday.

Chris and Matt with the 125 kg s.B.Tuna.

This is what the Sounder read just as the Tuna hooked up.

14/6/11.The small S.B.Tuna have been comming in here and Port MacDonnell for all who are targeting them in close (30/70 meters) with some bigger hook ups at Port Mac.They have been timid some days and as we come closer to the end of June they will become alot more patchier and hader to locate.As quick as the "krill" starts to disappear so will the Tuna as this season comes to an end.Some years it could be in a 4/6/8 weeks to go and this usually has allot to do with the "Krill" that the bait is eating,and the Tuna are on the bait.

Lockie with one of mondays S.B.Tuna.

One of the Pakula lures we were using.

4/6/11.All here today did not go out far for the S.B.Tuna as it was rough conditions but all had there catch.Lockie and myself went to the 30 meter water in Cape Grant bay and any amount of Tuna there with Turns on them.Most of the boats were back by noon.

Apollo Bay wednesday; Marty and Troy caught these 105 & 117 kg.S.B.Tuna on 1st. wednesday this week.

Marty & Troys 105,117 kg Tuna from wednesday.

3/6/11.Still plenty of S.B.Tuna being caught by all in close as 30/70/ meters and beyond.Still bigger tuna at Port MacDonnell ripping fisherman off in the 34 meter water.

Lance Walcoms 105 kg Tuna from the 35 meter water at Port Mac.

Daniel Wisons 23.8 kg.Samson fish from Port. Mac.

30/5/11.Still alot of boats out today and in close stll tuna in the 30/70 meter water and beyond.Some Dolphin fish also today off the Shelf.Port MacDonnell also had 4 smoking barrels spooled today in the 35 meter water again for a couple of fishos.

Luke Searle and Glenn Green of "Haines Hunter Club" show how close in today the Tuna were.

29/5/11.Alot of boats out of here again today and still plenty with S.B.Tuna from in shellow and wide.Some Albies also.Glenn Greens crew and our crew worked the 30/70 meter water towards Port MacDonnell with any amount of Tuna but no Big ones.

The colours of the Dolphin fish while in the water.

Typical Size of the Tuna today.

28/5/11.Looked like 500 boats here today and what a line up.Some big Barrels hooked up at Port MacDonnell today.Portland had its share of S.B.Tuna in close also.We took out Jack from Portland Bait & Tackle and T.J. Weightman and stayed with Karls boat Group and Glenn Green of the Haines Hunter club.We caught and released some normal Tuna had some good size Albies and caught some nice Dolphin fish in the 1000 meter water.

"Port MacDonnell";One Barrel Lance Walcom caught at 105 kg. and another 6 hooked up with some busted off and the others spooled on "50".This was in the 35 meter water.Dolphin fish also caught and plenty of normal size tuna.One Samson fish of 23.8 kg. was also caught today by A.Mead.

Jack with one of the Albies.

T.J. & Jack with some of the Dolphin fish.

Shows some of the changing colors of the Dolphin fish.

Glenn Greens crew with a Dolphin fish.

26/5/11.Plenty of S.B.Tuna have been comming in for days from in close.You can see the Tuna L.Based from the quarry so yes there thick and close in.The biggest conplaint from most now is "There small" like 12 to 16 kg. and were in early baged out too "Quick" or we can see them busting all day and can't hook up !!At present once in the area you could posibly hook up with your eyes close when there on the bite.They are in close all the way to Port MacDonnell and beyond.

21/5/11. "Portland Today";Last year this weekend with the "Full Moon"everybody was at Port Fairy catching "Barrels";Today Bruce and myself had a good look off the Island at the shelf with only a fuew strikes of normal Tuna yet Bruces mate Kain Tonken & crew stayed more West over the Shelf and banged two Barrels to aprox. 100 kg mark!!They cut one off and bought the other in to be weighed in the morning;its on ice and is aprox. 2.2 meters long and would have to be near the 100 kg. mark.A Black Magic"Tuna Terra" was one of the Luers!!They also had Jelly Beans and normal Tuna..They had the Tuna on for 3.5 hrs and came in at 9pm. Plenty of normal Tuna in the 40 meter water today for plenty of boats.Last weekend we seen "Barrels" jumping in the 100 meter water with the normal Tuna.

Brett Jennings & Jamie Palm with one of the Barrels from today out of Portland.

Kains S.B.Tuna when weighed was 103.2 kg.

"Apollo Bay yesterday";Photo from "Surf n Fish" one of yesterdays 112 kg Tuna caught on luers.

"Portland" today; 18/5.Plenty of Tuna in close as 30 meters and beyond beside Big Reef or Laurance Rocks.I fished with Chris Hall of "Portland Bait & Tackle" and Glen Powers and caught some and released plenty with Tuna busting everywhere you looked.

Chris today.

Shows off Alcoa how close in the Tuna are.

This photo shows the "Meat Balls" under the Tuna today.

"This photo also";sent in of Apollo Bay 2 days ago of Jason Farugia of a 113 kg S.B.Tuna.

"Apollo Bay".Surf n Fish sent some more photos for you to enjoy;Damian Shaw and crew with there 143 kg.S.B.Tuna and the other photo is "The man overboard" 110 kg.Tuna.

Damos crew with the 143 kg Tuna.

The 110 kg Tuna.

"Portland"; There is still plenty of Tuna in close here in the 40 meter water jumping every where.One Charter boat was back in here yesterday at 11 am. baged out.

15/5/11.Plenty of boats ventured out today and caught plenty of S.B.Tuna.They could be seen in the 40 to 70 meter water and beyond,they were very finicky to catch as feeding on small bait.I went out with Chris & Jack from "Portland Bait & Tackle" and we seen plenty of Tuna but had to urn our catch while releasing some also.

Jack with one of todays Tuna; The "Pakula" lure we had good sucess with.

13/5/11.Weather is a bit dirty here at present but looks ready to go in close from Sunday.Plenty of Tuna have been in close here and Port MacDonnell with odd Barrels sighted also;one lost at Port Mac. last Saturday,2 more here last week and we seen some last Saturday with the normal ones.Matt Manning had a good dolphin fish also.Next week 1 year ago we were all at Port Fairy with the "Barrels"!! we have been keeping a good eye on the area to the East and there has been alot of Tuna gone through there with little fish preasure on them as most has been on Apollo.Bay.

Matt Mannings Dolphin fish.

"Great White"Shark from last week in the 70 meter Tuna water.Glen,Allen,Dave & John were fishing for "Makos" after Tuna fishing and had this male 4.5 meter great White around there boat for almost 1 hr.So they took these "Cool" photos and plenty of video."Allen"was very adventures putting his camera under the water!! but now we can all have a look.This shood be a warning to those who don't heed the big Makos , Great Whites and Giant Squid etc. in these waters when "Diving for S.B.Tuna".Even when we took Charlie Micaleff out 2 weeks ago "filming".

S.B.Tuna and the 4.5 Great White in 70 meter water.

More of the 4.5 meter Great White Shark.

Allen shood have waited for the Shark to come closer for this photo!!!

Apollo Bay".Wayne from "Surf n fish" sent the info;

Things have still been going good down here with the tuna.

attached is a photo of Craig Rippon from Apollo Bay and his 108kh fish caught last Thursday.

There was also a 143kg fish caught on Friday night, as well as a few other good fish the same day. Photo to follow.

Saturday saw about 5 fish come in, all around the 100kg mark.

Weather is against us now for a few days.


Wayne Diffey

Surf 'n' Fish

Craigs 108 kg S.B.Tuna.

Port MacDonnell;has its yearly comp this weekend and has plenty of S.B.Tuna in the 40 meter water as well as all the other goodies on the shelf.

John Cranston with a sample of his catch.

Apollo Bay;Lee Hitchings caught this 130 kg.S.B.Tuna on 5/5/11.while trolling skirts and took 4 hr.15 min.with help from Matt bradshaw & Travis Holt.There has been others caught by others also including 3 today.

Lee Hitchings 130 kg.S.B.Tuna.

9/5/11.Still plenty of S.B.Tuna comming in from all the boats here from the edge of the Shelf and the 70 meter water.Port MacDonnell has had Tuna caught as close in as 15 meter water.Albies are still being caught with odd Dolphin fish also.We went out with John Haber of "Haines Hunter" and some of the Haines Hunter club boats in the 70 meter water and had no trouble getting any amount of Tuna in this area.Tuna were busting on Saries most of the day in this area.

John Haber and Lockie with one of the S.B.Tuna from 70 meter water.

Glenn Green and crew with one of there many hook ups.

Saries being chased by the Tuna.

Dave Mashell of the "Haines Hunter Club" baged out with us then headed out deep for Dolies and Albies.

Apollo Bay more info;

Report just in from the boys on "Bobcat" from Sunday with some nice photos.Cheers,Wayne Diffey.Surf 'n' Fish.

Hi Wayne,

Some fishing news!!!

Peter Cogliandro known as "Bobcat" & crew (Daniel,Simon,Phil & Frank) packed
the 233 Formula and left Melbourne late Saturday night to Apollo Bay to
again chase the barrels.( Like Tatts, gotta be in to win it )

Early Sunday morning whilst heading out to 50km mark they spotted some minor
bird action with no surface activity. Decided to drift, burley hard with
Pilchard and within 10 minutes they were on.

The 80 Tiagra screamed and was nearly emptied. 3hrs & 45min later the 125kg
tuna was in the boat & happy faces all round.
What a massive triumph for tuna fishing in Victoria and so close as Apollo

114 kg.

1/5/11.Plenty of S.B.Tuna,Albies and the odd dolphin fish still being caught;S.B.Tuna are still being caught in the 70 meter water.

Robert Pirotta with one of his Dolphin fish.

"Apollo Bay"There was some info sent from "Surf& Fish"tackle shop in Apollo bay and some photos.

Here is a sample of what came in yesterday.

Very rocking floating jetty when taking photos with all of the activity, so apologies for the photos.

No scales available at the time when I was at the ramp, so can only guess at the weights.

Chaos prevailed at the ramp when I was down there, must have been 1.5hr to over 2hr wait to retrieve your boat. Cars & trailers all over the place and hard to move about with the SBT fishoís and the fishing comp guys all trying to get out.

Estimate of 130 cars & trailers all up.

Talking to one guy, he told me that he lost count at 84 boats out at the 27mile reef !!!

Another good story from yesterday.

3 guys spotted fishing out at the 27 mile reef, and 2 were using open face reels. They both hooked up & started fighting.

One of them must have lost his balance or something, as he suddenly went over the side and into the water.

He apparently must have managed to get a grip on the side of the boat as he kept hold of the rod/reel, passed it up to the 3rd person in the boat, paddled around to the back, got back in & continued the fight.

Seems he lost it in the end.


Wayne Diffey

Surf 'n' Fish

Shop 6/7, 157 Great Ocean Rd,

Apollo Bay, 3233

Ph: 03-52376426

Mob: 0439397055

Some of the photos Wayne Diffey sent .

30/4/11.Today alot of boats out of here posibly 350.Alot of S.B.Tuna from in close towards Bridgewater and off the shelf also.Still mix Albies comming in also.I don't think anybody is missing out on a catch of Tuna.Lockie and myself fished just over the shelf and released well over 20 Tuna and only had one Albie in the catch.There was not much room for cleaning Tuna tonight at the tables.

Lockie ready to release another Tuna.The low door sure helps.

Some of the Pakula Luers that we have been using.

29/4/11.Still plenty of S.B.Tuna and Albies today from close in and the shelf with another Dolphin fish also at the tables again.We went out with the Keppel Prince group and had 15 S.B.Tuna caught with 10 released and only in 70 meter water and were back at the ramp at 12 noon.

The Keppel Prince boys Hooked up.

28/4/11.Still plenty of S.B.Tuna and Albies today from close in and the shelf with another Dolphin fish in there catch for one group.Frank Bluch from Geelong has a Pending world record claim on 3 kg.Fly of a S.b.Tuna of14.37 kg.S.B.Tuna which took 2 hrs.50 min.

Frank Bluchs World record claim S.B.Tuna on "Fly".

Tony Zahra sent this phot in.

26/4/11.Still plenty of jelly bean Albies and S.B.Tuna comming in today.All the Charter boats seem to be getting plenty of results and one had Dolphin fish again today.We went out with John Haber of "Haines Hunter" with his cousin John from New York who found the S.B.Tuna fishery incredible.

John from "New York" with one of his Tuna.

Glenn Greens crew hooked up today.

25/4/11.Still plenty of S.B.Tuna and Albies

comming in today with alot of Tuna out of the 70 meter water."Game on Charters" had two good dolphin fish well over 10 kg. in there catch and another boat also had some.The Fishery Resurch counted aprox. 260 boat trailers today.

Crew from "Game on Charters "with the Dolphin fish.

Bruce,Ofa & Kinks with there catch today.

Apollo Bay.Rob torelli who is an Abb Diver took these unique photos early this week where the Big Barrels were caught and is good enough to share the photos with you viewers.There was a 103,107 &112 Kg. Barrels caught yesterday also at Apollo Bay with alot of Boat traffic.

Southern Explorer and the Albatross.

The meat ball of Red Bait with seals.

Red Bait and Gannets.

24/4/11.The Fisheries Resurch counted 190 Boat trailers here today.Seems still plenty of Albies and S.B.tuna being caught.Lockie myself and Jack from Portland Bait & tackle seen our 1st. Tuna today in 70 meters of water.We kept going to the Shelf and ended up releasing 16 S.B.Tuna while keeping 6 and had 8 Albies up to 27 kg. which we kept.

Lockie & Jack with one of the Albies.

Lockie releasing some of the S.B. Tuna.

Another being released.

22/4/11.There was S.B.Tuna and Albies caught yesterday.Today Lockie and my self had no trouble catching S.B.Tuna in the 60 meter water.All the others including the charter boats that were out today baged out quickly in the 60/70 meter water also off the lighthouse.

21/4/11.Yesterdays 149 kg.S.B.Tuna caught at Apollo Bay by Camo and what a deckie "Shane" who are known as the "Port Fairy boys"who have had plenty of practice on Barrels.Cheers.

Shane & Camo with there 149Kg. S.B.Tuna from yesterday.

20/4/11.Plenty of normal size S.B.Tuna and Albies comming in here at Portland and Port MacDonell the last fuew days.Some catches are being made in the 50/100 meter water also."Apollo Bay today" quite a fuew Barrel S.B.Tuna hooked up yet 2 worth noting;one of 120 kg. one of 149 kg.Camo and Shane caught and weighed in.More info will be posted soon from Wayne Diffey of Surf 'n'Fish tackle shop at Apollo Bay.Ph.52376426.

19/4/11.This is the photos of 123 kg. S.B.Tuna caught yesterday at Apollo Bay flat Reef and with two lost also.Here in Portland two boats had S.B.Tuna in 50 meter water today.More info from Portland Bait and Tackle if you ring them."Apollo Bay"Today over another 12 Barrels hooked up one so far weighed in at 80 kg.more to come.

"Heres the crews notes"

We had him on for 3 hour weighing 123kg on 37 kg line caught by grub Cole with max Cole as skipper. With lance Cahill, Travis Cole and Jarron Cole as deck hands we landed our first barrel.

The 2 fish that were lost were same size to ours with one breaking off and another breaking the welds on the treble. There was plenty off birds and seals in the area so we knew we were in for a good day.

18/4/11.Yesterdays 153.5 Kg. barell that puts Apollo bay on the map was caught as all are by a team effort ;Daniel Kent,Dean Candy & Troy Janssen on a 4.5 hr fight on 24 kg. gear at Big reef in 83 meters of water.Today there is another big Barrel comming in to be weighed and another hooked up!!

Now one weighed in tonight monday at 123 kg.The other 2 lost!!

Check the Repala "X Rap" luer out.

Here is the 122 kg one from monday.The other 2 won the battle.

17/4/11.It would be easy to say that there is any amount of S.B.Tuna and Albies comming in from all the boats.Today we took Charlie Micaleff of "Savage seas "out and were with the Haines Hunter club boats.Charlie hoped in the water with the Tuna and gained some good footage;we had Albies,Tuna,Tuna jumping out of the water and some were Barrels with Saries also being blown out of the water also.Glenn Greens crew was traveling with us and we watched him spooled nilly to the steel on his "80" and had to motor on the tuna for nilly 10 minutes to gain alot of his line back , with other boats around near by made it stressful for him.We seen his tuna 20 meters from our boat 3 times before he was cut off and it looked a 2 meter long tuna barrel, but what weight who knows so there are barrels around and i've never seen a "80" unloaded that low before!!

Lockie, Charlie and Jack with some of todays catch.

Charlie Micaleff in with the S.B.Tuna.

Saries with S.B.Tuna under them today.

Glenn Green crew hooked up on there Barrel today.

Some of the S.B.Tuna jumping today.

This the 87 kg. one caught by Michael Mayze which took 1.45 hrs; Camo weighed for the owner; caught out of Port Fairy on Saturday.Now we have to look at the 153 kg from Apollo Bay next!!

16/4/11.Plenty of S.B.Tuna to 23 kg. and Albies to 23.5 kg. by alot of boats today.Portland had 158 boats counted,Port Fairy had 50 boats in that area by the count of Fishery Resurch.Also one S.B.Tuna weighed at Port Fairy of 87 Kg.

One of the " Haines Hunter Club" boys showing off part of there catch.

Manny Cassar with a good Albie.

Chris Srbinovski with one of his Albies.

15/4/11.Still Plenty of S.B.Tuna and good size Albies again for all most everybody.The water Police are here and are checking all boats for Safety gear!!!

14/4/11.Still plenty of S.B.Tuna and Albies comming in from all the Fisho's today.Some of the Albies are pushing over the 20kg. mark.

A typical catch from one boat today

13/4/11.Still plenty of S.B.Tuna and good sized Albies from all the boats today.some boats have alot of Albies yet others have mixed catches.With the weather looking good for the weekend there should be plenty of action between Port MacDonnell,Portland and Portfairy for all the Fisho's.

12/4/11.Well if a big weekend comming up on S.B.Tuna with the Portland Tuna fishing comp. and the normal fishing interest yes today most of the boats had S.B.Tuna or good sized Albies in there catches.

7/4/11.Today was much like yesterday except alot more boats on the water perhaps over a "100".Plenty of S.B.Tuna & Albies for all the "Fish'os".

James Inbie and Dean Hollis show part of there catch with Bruce McPherson today.

6/4/11.Yesterday and today up to 40 odd boats cleaned up quick on the S.B.Tuna to mid 20 kg and Albies into the 20 kg range.One of the Charter boats with "Teeth" had baged out and was well in cleaning his customers catch at 12.30 pm.

3/4/11.Plenty of S.B.Tuna up to 25+Kg.and good catches of Albies up to 25+Kg.again today simular to yesterday by all.

2/4/11.Most boats here had S.B.Tuna to 25+ Kg with good catches of Albies with the biggest ones at 25 kg.Port MacDonnell had a good 20 boats out with simular results with a Comp. there today.Ron Baker had a good "Big " S.B.Tuna to the boat after a long fight to only blow it beside the boat.Late at 3 pm.Marty Montaco and crew had a battle with a big S.B.Tuna also for 12 hrs.10 min. till well after 2 am. having the tuna up several times only to blow it also.They came in well after 3 pm.This took place well west of the Horse Shoe.So the signs are still there for big Tuna.

31/3/11.The last fuew days there has been no conplaints about the amount of S.b.Tuna and Albies being caught by all those putting the time on water.

27/3/11.Plenty of Albies up to the 20 kg. mark,also plenty of S.B.Tuna to the 26+Kg mark by almost all boats that fished today.We went out with John Haber again with simular results as yesterday.

John Haber of "Haines Hunter" with some of his catch.

We past these "Haines Hunter Club" blokes hooked up,one looked like he was sunbaking!!!

One of the larger 27 kg. Albies we weighed.

26/3/11.Any amount of Albies to bag out stage and weighing upto 27 kg.S.B.Tuna to alot and baged out by alot to 25+ Kg and beyond by most boats on the water to day.We went out with John Haber of Haines Hunter and some of his friends and had Albercore to 14 kg. with S.B.Tuna to high 25+ Kg.You could have caught as manny Albies as you won't.It was pretty easy fishing today for alot.

John Haber with one of the manny Tuna today.

Cliff James & John Haber with some of there S.B.Tuna.

20/3/11.Chris Ferkin from black Magic Luers had his first taste of a large S.B.Tuna today.We sliced one off on a Pakula Phanton lure and chris was on a Black magic maggot.These tuna came out of some 20 Albies we had been working on up to 14 Kg.We had the Tuna on a 50W. for well over 5+ Hrs. We didn't get in till 9.30 pm.These Large Tuna have been going through for several weeks now from what were seen.They would be spread all the way from Port McDonnell To Portland and beyond.We had a good hook up also on Saturday in the same area amongst the Albies.If you see small "Jelly Beans" Albies being sprayed out of the water there will be Big Tuna under them and thats how we found them.There was other small tuna and albies in the Bin today also from one of the Charter boats.Or and you don't won't to believe every thing you read on "Wildblue"so some exsperts reckons.

Chris Ferkins "Black Magic"with the 99 Kg S.B.Tuna.

The Tuna being weighed.

19/3/11.Sharkman had two S.B.Tuna of 38.7 kg. & 33.7 kg.Chris

Ferkins and myself managed 8 Albies with no Tuna but the signs are there with the Jelly Beans we saw!!!And so much for the Full moon.

Sharkmans 33,38 kg S.B.Tuna.

Chris Ferkins with one of the Albies.

18/3/11.Henry & Zaig Jankowski had a 97.3 kg.Male Mako in there catch today for a bit of excitement.

Zaig,Warren & Henry Jankowski with nthe 97.3 kg. Male Mako.

16/3/11.Only one boat out on the Tuna today and Marty Montalo conected with a group of 22kg Albies.Albies are known for having softer mouths than Tuna so he only ended up with the one.

Marty with his 22 kg Albie.

15/3/11.Graham Weldon and Terry his father came in with 3 good "Blue Eye" from the shelf drop fishing one weighed in at 23.7 kg.That is a big one these days.

Terry and Graham Weldon with a 23.7 kg Blue Eye.

13/3/11.One of the unusual "Moon fish" caught by David O'brien on Julian Dickinsons bottom fishing at Port MacDonnell on the weekend.

David O'Briens 14.8 kg Moon Fish.

12/3/11.Alot of boats hit the water today some of the results we seen were,Bruce McPherson &Simon Ryan had 3 out of 5 hits;Andy Satchels crew came in with 2 out 3 strikes;Another boat had 8 5kg Albies and later in the day 4 other boats had tuna also.Khal Kassabs crew ended up with a 17.5 kg King fish after having two take there ballons out of school of 20 odd Kings.Khals King was 1270cm long and landed only the one at Snapper Point.

Simon Ryan with todays Tuna Fishing with Bruce McPherson.

Andy Satchel,Bill McCallem,RowenWallace with there catch.

Khal Kassab with his 17.5 kg King.

Portland S.B.Tuna "T"$39 +Postage.Ring Bait &Tackle 55235213.

11/3/11.Chris Doykos and Peter had 3 S.B.Tuna out of a 4 way hook up today.James Davidson and Peter Freeman were happy with there feed of Whiting."Causing Havoc" or Garry Causing of the Port MacDonnell Tackle shop had a good catch of 20 Harpuka to 12.5kg. today to mix with the tuna catches over there.Shood be able to post a photo tomorrow.

Peter and James with there Whiting today.

8/3/11.Only one boat on the Tuna today with good results.Theo Kaminarasx and his crew ended up with 7 S.B.Tuna and a Blue shark.They also stoped off for some Snapper on the way home.Also plenty of Blue Whales to have a look at on the trip.

Theo and his crew with there 7 Tuna.

Yesterday after Trolling for Tuna Arthur and his crew were very luckie to not be seriously injured when there motor broke away at 40 klom. per hr coming home in the 1000m. water.The boat spun side ways with the motor hanging by the wiring after stoping.You would never dream of a failure like this.The motor broke away at the Hinge point.Thanks to his mate Theo who towed them in for 3 hrs.

The mounting with the missing motor.

6/3/11.Two boats on the look today for the Tuna.Kevin Agius caught some Stripies and a small Albie yet there seems to be plenty going on underneath but not on top.Plenty of Krill & Blue Whales.Daniel Curmie and myself caught one S.B.Tuna as they are a bit finicky.There was another caught yesterday also by "Game On".Port Mac fisho's also found them finicky today..

Daniel Curmie with his S.B.Tuna today.

27/2/11.The Fisho's have done fairly well on the Makos this week here and at Port Mac,most have been in the 40/60kg.range yet Leigh Lester and Des Fielder showed a 93 kg. one from today.Julian Dickinson showed a S.B.Tuna from todays trip. Yesterday Julians crew was one of several boats that caught Tuna at Port Mac including a 19kg Albie.

Leigh Lester & Des Fielder with there 93kg. Mako.

Julian Dickinson with one from today.

Dicko's crew on Sunday.

26/2/11.Glenn Greene ,his father Frank,Daniel and myself bumped into some 20+ kg.S.B.Tuna today and Greenies dad had a ball.Marty Montalo and crew had a simular catch also in the same area;Marty was in 400 meter and we were in 1000 meter; this is the same area where we have caught early tuna in the last fuew years ;this area is well west of the Horse Shoe.Some also were reported at Port Mac today .

Greenie shows one of the Tuna from the 1st hit.

Greenie and Frank with some more S.B.Tuna.

Marty and crew with some of there Tuna.

24/2/11.Southern Bluefin Tuna; 4 x 20kg. were caught yesterday by Will Clinton in the 140 meter water East of Port MacDonald.So now your imagination should do the rest.

23/2/11.The Broadbill mould has been finished of the 110 kg. Bill that was caught out of here last month for those who won't to have a closer look when in Portland Bait and Tackle next time down .There is not manny this size to view in Australia that we know of.This will keep the interest in the 600 meter water and the challenges for some.There should be some "Tuna" info after this weekend!!

Trevor Lumb and Chris Hall with the 110 kg Broadbill mould.

13/2/11.Still small Kings comming in from Snapper Point and inside the Harbour.Medium sized Snapper,Snook and good size Whiting are also being caught.Alan Given member of the "Haines Hunter Club"showed off one of his Kings.

Haines Hunter Club boys.

10/2/11.Still Kings medium to 12 kg mark comming in here this week.John Considine has been here on holidays this week and showed off good catches of whiting up to 1 kg. with good bunches of 2 kg snapper from the Nth.Shore.John reckons the Nth. Shore is fishing well.

6/2/11.The Ansa fishing comp. this weekend had plenty of medium sized Kings weighed in on light line class.The biggest king we seen weighed in was 12.2kg.Alot of the medium size kings are still being caught in the Harbour entrance.

2/2/11.Several small boats have been catching medium sized Kings just inside the Harbour and just outside now for the last week including today.

29/1/11.Plenty of boats today well over 80 odd on the Kings;Plenty of small,medium and some good big ones also;quite alot also being released by some with big catches.

Joe & Matheuw Bailey with a 15 kg. King.

Amanda Casar 1st Kings.

These were the 7 pm biters of Ryan Lindsays.

28/1/11.Still plenty of kings comming in today weighed up to 19 kg.Some boats released alot of small ones also.Most are being caught under balloons.

Charlie with one of his Kings.

Megan,Thomas,Zoe & William McNabb.

27/1/11.Some of the Kings from last night and not the only ones.

Dave & Daniel Daileys Kings.

Rickie Xerri with one of there Kings.

27/1/11.Wednesday Kings are still being caught in spasms for some yet the tide timing seems to have some influence;We did a shelf trip wednesday and there would have been 1000's of Dolphins feeding in the 600 meter water with birds on them;There is also quite a fuew Blue whales in close.

Blue Whale & Dolphins from wednesday.

25/1/11.Some good kings over 11 kg ednesday are starting to come in now with snapper,Travely,Samon,good size whiting,Gummies to 17 kg,School Shark,Mako's and the list goes on.Yes the best sight i've seen this week was the 110 kg Broadie at the( Bait and Tackle) going to be Moulded;Caught this week localy in the Shelf Country.

110Kg. Broadbill caught this week.2.6 meters long.

16/1/11.The biggest King was caught off the Lee breakwater in the( 7th. Anual Bait & Tackle comp. with 320 entries) at 8.3 Kg.cleaned ;Plenty of Whiting to .72 Kg. cleaned,Snapper to 1.6 kg. cleaned.There is Samon,Bronz Sharks,Travely and plenty of Squid around also at present.

Craig Moscrops 8.3 kg.King Cleaned;Caught on Lee Breakwater.Craig also caught another a bit smaller,this also won him the trophy and $1000.

4/1/11.Mihai Atdiresei caught a nice 12.5 kg.Snapper from the Lee Breakwater this morning using Couta for bait.One local also had 6 Yellow tail caught last night to 9 kg. in the Nth country.Plenty of good size squid of both types are being caught.The Charter boats are doing well on table fish.A large Hamerhead Shark showed its self in one berly trail of the Mako fisho's.

Mihai Atodiresei with his 12.5 kg. Snapper.

30/11/10.There has been some nice snapper at 20lb,23lb and another simular one taken this week off the Lee Breakwater including a nice 23Lb Mulloway.

Simon Elliott and his 11.1 kg Mulloway.

Terry Albert with his 9.5 kg Snapper.

1/10/10.Seaspray Charters had Gummies,Queen Morwong,snapper,Flathead and plenty of other goodies today. Plenty of other boats also had good sucesss including School Sharks in the 70 meter water off Cape Nelson.Some good Snapper are also being caught off the Lee Breakwater.

Joel Asken with some of the catch off Seaspray Charters today.

23/6/10.Reports are still the same with school Tuna in close at Port Fairy,Portland and Port Mac. in 40/70 meter water.This nice 132 kg. S.B.Tuna came out of Port Fairy shellow waters on the 20/6/ Brett Gatt and mate Ian just to keep you interested.

Brett Gatt and Ian with the 132 kg.S.b.tuna from Sunday.

Richaard Grevens 28.6 kg Albie today.

Some of the soundings from Port Fairys big Tuna last week.

23/5/10.There is plenty of small S.B.Tuna in close as 40 meter water from Warrnambool to Port McDonald.Some big Barrels were hooked up again today and not sure of details yet.Chris Hall and I fished up near Port Fairy and there is any amount of small Tuna there but in amongst them are Barrels and you can see them as well as see Fisho,s hooked up to them.We found Tuna on the way home in 40 meters of water Portland side of Laurance Rocks feeding on Sauries and also Big Barrels amongst them!!

22/5/10.Today 8 large Barrels were caught including the "Bar" being raised once again with the new record S.BTuna of 156.4 kg. caught by Khal Kassab and crew. Khals Tuna took over 2.5 hrs on a 80 W. Another of Manny Cassar and his father of 129.5 kg.Next was Mark Bushers of 122.7 kg.Next was Yogie,Samon King and Franks of 111 kg.There was more in Port Fairy that we don't have detail of. Warrnambool had 3 Barrels just under 130 kg. mark also. Plenty of small school Tuna including some big Barrels were breaking the water all day in area's.Alot of school Tuna were also caught behind Laurance Rocks in the 70 meter water.

Khal Kassab with his 156.4 kg record S.B.Tuna.

21/5/10.Alister McGlashan well known Identity lifted the BAR in weight for Victoria and St. Australia today with his monster 154.6 kg S.B.Tuna which was fought over 6 hrs 50 minutes to the Gaff.This was caught in the same 50 meter water.We know of two others hooked up and there would be more weighed in also.We will post the photo soon as we have it.Plenty of school Tuna and large Albies also came in from the 70 meter water in front of Cape Nelson.

All's brilliant 154.6 kg S.B.Tuna today.

Awsome 154.6 kg Barrel.

20/5/10.Plenty more big S.B.Tuna today from the Port Fairy boys and some from Portland launches.Alot still lost after long Battles up to 4 hrs..Some were even caught in the 65 meter water which is alot further out in distance.Plenty of rods have been smashed now; "Sunset" seems to find the weak spot in the rods.

19/5/10.Still big S.B.Tuna are been seen,caught,lost through being spooled and just busted off.Phill of Game on Charters and the Rapala reps caught a big 132 kg S.B.Tuna with a film crew onboard.Some good ones have come into Port Fairy up to the 130 mark also.There has been big S.B.Tuna caught out off Brigewater in close and Port Mac this week to 123 kg.Dolphin fish have been caught also by several anglers up to 17 kg.

Vince Farrugia with Daniel and Paul with there Barrel.

Phil of Game on Charters with the Repala crew and 132 kg.S.B.Tuna.

132 kg. on the scales.

Another boat hooked up on a Big Tuna.

18/5/10.Well ! were do you start;We spent most of the day taking photos of the Big Tuna which we will load as they are sorted;Vince Farrugia and crew had one of 120 kg.And plenty caught ,seen and released by the Tuna including alot of reels spooled today;Alot of us seen alot bigger Tuna than what has been caught yet this year.

Vince Farrugia,Daniel and Pauls S.B.Tuna;This is a sneak preview,more to come.

Steves 100 kg. Tuna from the Island and the 106 kg from Cape Nelson 140 meter water.They asked to post these two Photos.

16/5/10.Plenty of S.B.Tuna today with a mix of Big ones and a sprinkle of 26 kg Albies from the 140 water.Simon of Red hot Charter caught his custormers a massive 137.6kg.s.B.Tuna today in 50 meter water and traveled alot less distance than the Horse Shoe area beig just other side or East of Julia Percy Island in the 50 meter water.Mick Toon also had a nice 103.6 kg S.B.Tuna.Several others were broke off and several caught by the Port Fairy boys today up to 130 kg. far as we were advised.

One of the boats today hooked up in 50 meters on a Big Tuna.

The 137.6 Kg.S.B.Tuna from today.

Mick Toons 103.6 kg S.B.Tuna from today.

Simons Luer for the 137.6kg. S.B.Tuna.

15/5/10.Plenty of small S.B.Tuna again today and alot were caught in the 100 meter water.We weighed one 26 kg Albie.A male Dolphin fish of aprox. 17 kg was caught in the 2000 meter water yesterday.Shane Chromie from Portfairy had the biggest S.B.Tuna of 144.6 kg. and lost others and others were caught a bit smaller.These boats launched out of Port Fairy.If we were to guess Portland would had more than 400 boats launch today.We shood be able to post some photos soon of the big Tuna.

Shane Chromie with the 144.6 kg S.B.Tuna which was the biggest of the ones caught today.

8/5/10.Most Charter and Private boats had school S.B.Tuna today from in close yet they were hit and miss.John Pizzi,Paul McDonall and Ivan Moloney caught one of 123.3 kg. and 2 hrs later had another big one on for a while with there school tuna.These Big Tuna were caught in the 130/140 meter water.The gut contained alot of Nordelis Shell Squid.They were caught in the Crill near Cape Nelson Lighthouse.The Luers was a Tuna Terra (Black Magic)

John Pizzi with the 123.3 kg S.B.Tuna.

Note the Nordelis Shell Squid from the S.B.Tuna.

1/5/10.Any amount of S.B.Tuna came in today from the Charter boats and the Private boats in the 100/300 meter water.Alot came from the 120 meter water.Some good Albies to 26 kg also came in.Chris Hall and I released quite a fuew Tuna in the 100 meter water.One was taken luer and Tuna by a large Shark and another had its tail taken by a Mako.

Chris with one of the manny S.B.Tuna today.

Another S.B.Tuna and one that a Shark hit.

30/4/10.Any amount of S.B.Tuna were caught today from 140/300 meter water in the Horse Shoe direction.Alot of boats were back at noon again with Tuna to the 20 kg mark.

25/4/10.Any amount of S.B.Tuna have been caught by the Charter boats and Private boats today.Chris Perfon from Black Magic luers and I released 15 S.B.Tuna and also had one that took off 350/400 meters of line on a80 W which had a X Rapt that partd company after 30 minutes.Christien Kock and his mate that was fishing beside us would have had even more Tuna on and a large Tuna run on one rod.One of the Charter boats near us had a Tuna up well over 50 kg. with his normal Tuna. .Note all these S.B.Tuna were caught by alot more boats than just these couple of reports in the 54/80/140 meter water in close off Cape Nelson and behind Lorance Rocks.The S.B.Tuna were ranging in 14 kg. To 28 kg. mark and beyond.

Chris Ferkin with one of the S.B.Tuna.

One of the Pictures that disapeared from the reports.Red Hot Charters 100.3 kg S.B.Tuna from 2 weeks ago.

Lotto with his Albie from todays trip.

4/4/10.Bruce McPhersons crew had S.B.Tuna and Albies like quite alot of fishing parties today.Most of the Tuna were finiky to catch but most had some.The biggest Albie we seen weighed was 23 kg.

Lockie with one of our Albies.

Bruce and his Crews Tuna.

One of todays S.B.Tuna.

Jilians 54 kg S.B.Tuna.

Rob and Josh with one of there Blueye.

A sample of the S.B.Tuna today.

Lockie Wombwell the stripey Tuna.

6/3/10.Glen Green and crew came in with 2 S.B.Tuna while droping two also: He also had Albacore and some Stripeys which he also droped some of these finiky biting fish.One Chater boat had S.B.Tuna and another had Albacore that we seen today.Most of Glens Tuna were caught in 400 meter water.

Some of Glen Greens crews catch.

20/2/10.Any amount of S.B.Tuna for the two boats that went out today and you could have been back by noon if you wantd.Bruce McPherson,Dean Hollis and Ted Bennett had 5 S.B.tuna to 28 kg and 1 Stripey and also released 7 Tuna and 1 Stripey.Our boat had 2 S.b.Tuna and released 6 also.Good tuna to test the Leurs on with no visiable signs of Tuna with no birds or bust ups.This really sorts out the Luers that are not running hot.These Tuna were West of the Horse Shoe near the 800/1000 meter water and yes there is alot of water out there.Another boat came in late arvo with 3 S.B.Tuna to the 30kg. mark.

19/2/10."Bwana" John De Bear ! came in today with a couple of nice size S.B.Tuna from the shelf as part of his catch here today for his client.

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