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Past Report 2012   Print 


2012 What a great fishing year..




31/12/12.KevnDarks crew baged out on "Blue Eye"today and plenty of others have been catching these sort after fish.Plenty of Squid ,Flathead,Snapper,Morwong,large Salmon,Gummie Sharks,Small to medium size "Makos".We caught a good feed of Whiting at Point Danger today. There is plenty of options at present.

30/12/12.Medium size Gummies to 6/7 kg,plenty of Snapper with the odd 8 kg. one still from the Lee Breakwater,plenty of squid,big Samon to 2/3 kg. with Flathead,Morwong,Whiting and odd large Mako's.The Blue Eye are also being caught by some.

Niel Jennings with his 95 kg. male Mako today;Measuring 2.150 meters which on the "Mako"weight grath is 95 kg.

95 Kg. Mako is a conservative weight weighed on the Mako grath.

27/12/12.One 100 kg.+ Mako was caught here today.Snapper,Gummies,School Shark,Whiting, Snapper,Flathead etc. are all doing there normal thing.Jack Hose and myself fished the 70+ meter water today.

Jack with Todays Gummie.

Jack with a Queen Blue Morwong today.

20/12/12.Stil odd large big Snapper to 7.1 kg. this week from the Lee Breakwater by Allan McKenzie.Squid and small Snapper also from this location.Large Salmon have showed at Snapper Point also."Sardi" from Sth.Australia are Sat. Taging odd Mako to 140 kg and the odd Thrasher Sharks here over the Nth Shore at the moment.

Allan McKenzie 7.1 kg. Snapper.

Freddy freom Melbourne with his 6.5 kg. Snapper.


Another big Snapper today.Andrew Gill caught a 7.7 kg. Snapper at 2.30 Today off The Lee Breakwater on Squid bait.Still small Table Snapper and large Squid from this deep fishing platform.Soth West Charters also baged out in 18 meter water south of the “Rock” with 6 custormers on board on Snapper from 1.5 kg. to 3.+ kg. Also 8 Small 3 to 4 kg. “Kings” were caught over the Nth. Shore yesterday one boat showing the signs of” Kings” being around.

Allan Gill with his 7.7 kg. Snapper today.

6/12/12.Still good snapper caught off the Lee Breakwater.Last night one of 8 kg. and one of 7 kg. were the larger ones yet this morning so far one of 8 kg and 2 of 7 kg.Still plenty of Squid and smaller table Snapper.

Marcus Jarrett fishing in the Harbour last week took this photo on his phone of the Unusual Leather Back Turtle.These Turtles breed in Calafornia and can grow to apr.250 kg. and are big as a double bed matress when fully grown.

4/12/12.Terry Albert caught another good size snapper on Squid from the Lee Breakwater this morning.This was the largest Snapper so far today.Good catches of large Squid are also being caught with plenty of smaller table Snapper.

Terry Albert with his 6.8 kg. Snapper today.

30/11/12.Well the "Net" is back up at last down here.Still odd big Snapper off the Lee Breakwater and plenty of small ones with large
Salmon,Squid,Gumies and odd large School Sharks,Whiting are on the go,Snook and in the 70 meter we have "Makos " today to 80 kg. Morwong,Snapper, Flathead, Gumies and the list goes on.Note over the years we have caught "King Fish" in October with the Salmon while fishing for Snapper.A couple of fisho's have been riped on gear this week so they may be around.Usually Travelly give them away as they swim together here so if all seems well you should see some just befor Christmass.

Terry Alberts 7.1 kg. Snapper off the "Lee" this week.

18/11/12.Plenty of 1 kg. Squid have been caught from the boats over the Nth. Shore and from the Lee Breakwater.Snapper,Snook, odd Gumies and large 20+kg. School shark have also been caught.Good feeds of Whiting have also been caught.James Gardener caught a 8 kg. Snapper in the 50 meter water Sunday.A 7 kg. Snapper was also caught from the Lee Breakwater on Sunday.Last Thursday one Snapper of 7 kg. and 8 kg.Friday one of 7 kg. also from the Lee Breakwater.

James Gardener with his 8 kg. Snapper.

Jim Woodall with part of our feed from today.

11/11/12.Plenty of Squid off the Lee Breakwater yet alot of others are chasing feeds of Whiting this weekend.Some are coming Land base from in the Harbour from the Pontoon areas.The boats are mosty catching them at Point Danger and beyond.Jim Woodell and I caught a good feed of Whiting at Point Danger today.Bruce Mac and his mates caught plenty of Gumies,Morwong,Flathead,Snapper and Coral Perch in the 70 meter water off Bridgewater today.

Jim Woodell on the Whiting today.

Jim with some of todays Whiting.

8/11/12.A peek at the new boat ramp temporary extension till the new 4 bay ramp is build next year and the 2 Million+ 1st. Stage of the Marina well on the way.

NewTempory Boat Ramp Extenion.A good land base fishing Platform for whiting etc.!!!

St.1 of the Marina extenions.

5/11/12.Whiting are well on the "Menue" from most of the Fisho's land base or in boats.Snapper,Squid,Snook,Sweep and Gumies are also making an apperance.Chris Hall and myself caught a good feed of Whiting at Point Danger and several other boats also did well.

Chris Hall with some of our catch from today.

Whiting at Point Danger today.

2/11/12.The afternoon run at 3 pm. on the Lee Breakwater George Parfett caught this 9.7 kg Snapper.Quite a few smaller Snapper, Gumies and Squid also caught today.

George Parfett with his 9.7 kg. Snapper.

2/11/12.The largest Snapper today so far is this beauty of Leo Antzoulatos of 7.5 kg. and two others had 2 on at the same time this morning about 9.30 am. caught on the Lee Breakwater.

Leo Antzoulatos with his 7.5 kg. Snapper.

1/11/12.This Cool looking Snapper was caught off the Lee Breakwater by John Corcoran on Tuesday night 30/10/12.It weighed 11.7 kg. and was over 101 cm.

John Corcoran with his 11.7 kg Snapper.

28/10/12.Alot of this weeks catch have been Whiting from the boats with good catches of Squid,Couta,Samon,Snook, Sweap and the Snapper are just starting to come on the bight.We caught some nice Squid and Sweep today.Some nice catches of Whiting and Squid have also come from the land base fishing including the Lee Breakwater.

Jim Woodall with one of todays Sweep.

18/10/12.It appears that nobody in the reporting circle is posting info about Portland on fishing so i'll fill in a few gaps for some.The Lee breakwater has small snapper with odd good 7.5 kg ones,Squid,Whiting, odd School Shark and Gumies for some,big Couta.In the Harbour some have been catching good .7 kg. Whiting for weeks now off the Pontoons.The Nth. Shore is stating to fire with all the Summer fish now.The 70 meter water near Brigewater has been firing for weeks with Flathead,Morwong, Snapper, Gumies, School Shark to 26 kg. etc.Alot of Reports lately you hear on the radio are opinions only with no time on the water as usual by the ones making the "Calls".You would be better to ring the local Tackle shops in the area for a feel of what really is going on.

12/10/12.There has been good catches of small Snapper to 2.5 kg. off the Lee Breakwater with the odd good ones up to 7.5 kg.Good catches of Gummie sharks also from the Lee in two sizes of 4/5 kg. and9/13 kg. Cal. Squid are also starting to show.John Cross caught a 7.5 kg Snapper today from the Lee.

John Cross with his 7.5 kg Snapper today.

17/9/12.Peter Johnstone started his Spring fishing trip off with a good trip in the 60 meter water off the Cape and had 2 Schoolies,1 Gummie, a large 7 Giill Shark which some were released and caught 1 of 2 large Snapper which weighed in at 10.5 kg.Pete was by himself but another known Fisherie untaped yet.

Johno with his 10.5 kg. Snapper from his catch.

23/8/12.Some more info on the Tuna Sat. tag that turned up here recently."Darren Buttigieg".

Above is another tag from a small Bluefin that was attached in Mewstown Tasmania that popped off after 90 days. Unlike the other tag we found washed ashore at Portland the battery went flat so it would have washed up somewhere but it is anyone’s guess where.

The 2 bigger 50kg Bluefin that they tagged in Bermagui a couple months ago have not deployed yet.



20/8/12.These 3 S.R.Whales in close to Cliffs at Bridgewater on Sunday.

3 S.R.Whales in Bridgewater on Sunday.

14/8/12.Two S.Right Whales at aprox. 14 meters long and 80 Tonnes decided to do some Breaching in the Harbour today.

The S.R.Whales in the Harbour today.

27/7/12. more"Electronic Taging info".Will James just put some more info in on "Mako" tags just released and Tracking on "FISH TRACK".They are alo interested in Taging some of Portlands Mako which could be interesting as we have a choice at the correct time of taging some in the 200/250 kg size and see were they go as we know already when they turn up here.It may be interesting to Tag some Thrashers also this next season.

Hope things are well…..I don't know if you've had a chance to see the latest project we launched on the Fishtrack site- but with help of the scientists at the National Fisheries Service we've been able to tag two shortfin mako sharks with the latest fin-mount SPOT tags- these tags will report back every 2nd day for up to two years with precise location data. The sharks have been reporting back consistently for the last two weeks- and they're moving fast!

It would be fascinating to get a couple of these tags on sharks in your area in the future in order to see where they migrate.


Will James

22/7/12.Adamas Charters was one who came in with 9 Tuna today by 2.30 pm for his clients.There was other boats also in the area who caught Tuna.They were well East toward Julia Percy Island in 80+ meter water and the Tuna had large Pilchards in the gut content.Some big meat balls in this area at present.The Island is 20 miles East of the Harbour and Port Fairy is the other side of the Island.I measured the distance from Port Fairy and Portland Harbour and they are both 25 n. miles to the Tuna today and the Horse Shoe Shelf line is 34 N.mile from Portland Harbour.Other Catches have been plenty of Big 2.5 kg.+ Salmon at the Lorance Rocks.School Shark 14 kg.+,Gummie Sharks,Morwong,7 Gill Shark,whiting etc.

Jim Tatus,Kiry Hadyiloizou & Jason Bennett with there 9 Tuna on Adamas Charters today.

18/7/12."Some more Tuna TAG Info".This info is mainly on the Tag taken by the Shark!!The other Tag info will follow.

Hi Darren,

Yes, each tag is producing some interesting info and we have only got data from two tags so far, so looking forward to seeing what the 18 or so more that we are waiting for or yet to deploy will show.

Below is a figure showing the depth and temperature profile from the tag we assume was eaten by a shark. The colour of the points indicates the temperature (as shown on the colour bar on the right). This tag was deployed on a 90cm SBT off Cape Pillar in Tasmania on the 15th May and popped up on the 11th of june well off the shelf southeast of Gabo Island. But as it was eaten we don't know at this stage where the fish moved to, as the predator has most likely moved some distance in the 5 or 6 days when the tag was in its stomach. You can see a clear diurnal dive pattern for the couple of weeks prior to the fish being eaten. This would suggest that the event of capturing the fish did not adversely effect its natural behaviour. It is then obvious when the fish was eaten as the temperature jumps up by about 13 degrees and the dive profile changes in particular the maximum depth of the dives. You can then see when the predator has either passed or regurgitated the tag and it has sunk to about 1200m. This would suggest that it must have been stuck to a chunk of meat, most likely indicating that it was regurgitated, which is again an indication that a shark had eaten it. The tag then breaks away from whatever was causing it to sink and it floats to the surface and begins transmitting. I do not hold high hopes that we will get this tag back as it was last heard from heading towards New Zealand.

Will keep you informed on how the rest of the data goes if you are interested.



12/7/12.Couple of photos of "Black Petes"S.B.Tuna off Sydney today.

James of "Black Petes Tackle" Aprox. 80/100+ kg S.B.Tuna today off Sydney.They also caught a 70 kg Yellow Fin.

12/7/12."More Tuna Tag Info";Darren & Sean are Interested in late Taging some Tuna here with these "Sat. Tags" but they have to be over 20 Kg.!! so we will see what hapens.There E Mail info!!

Hi Darren,

That is great news. I think we might have got a bit lucky being within 5 meters of the tag with the lat/long, but glad it made it easy to find. This tag was from a 90cm fork length SBT tagged off Cape Pillar on the Tasman Peninsula. It popped off after 40 days, as planned, a bit further west than where it washed up and on the shelf break. Once I get the tag back I will send you the depth and temperature profiles, but the movement track will take a little longer to process. Once the tag pops off it uses a GPS position and is reasonably accurate. But prior to this, as the tag is under water it cannot use the gps for position estimates, instead it uses light level and depth to calculate an approximate position and then we can use the temperature data with satellite temperature data to refine the position further. So it is not super accurate but should show roughly where the fish went.

The other tag that was deployed on the same day popped off early (after about 2 weeks). We initially thought that something had failed, either the tether had come lose from the fish or the tag deployed early. But as it turned out the fish was eaten. We can tell this as the data from the tag showed that it went dark for about 5 days and the temperature increased by about 14 degrees. So basically it was in the guts of something. After 5 days it showed a normal light signal and the temperature went back down to ambient, the tag floated to the surface and began transmitting. We think that there is a good chance that it was a great white based on the increase in temperature in the gut. Not warm enough for a mammal but not cool enough for a smaller shark species.

Thank you very much for your help with finding the tag and looking forward to getting over to Victoria to deploy some tags. I have ordered 10 from the Victorian recreational fishing trust money and we will have to see if they arrive in time for this season otherwise it will be early next season.



Hi Sean,

I have some great news, we finally got our hands on the tag. I coordinated a search with Bob McPherson and Cameron McCallum from fisheries Portland. Because the co-ordinates showed up in such a remote location on Google earth the fisheries jumped on their 4 wheeler bikes and headed out for the search. As they had no idea what they were looking for or how big it was they didn't give themselves much hope and they actually thought it was a bit of a joke, like looking for a needle in a hay stack. Cameron said he was pretty disappointed with the coordinates you gave us. They were 5 metres out. Lol
The tag was sitting on a patch of seaweed.

I have forwarded your details onto Cameron so you should receive it soon
Please keep us informed of the results as everyone is curious about the findings.
Has the tag from the other fish from Eaglehawk popped off yet?
Are you interested in coming up here to try and put a couple in fish from Portland? It will be very interesting to see where they go towards the end of the season.

You can see the condition of the tag by clicking on the following link.

Re: Tag washed up near Portland


The attachment 'ArgosWeb1' shows where the tag popped up and where it drifted before washing up on the beach. We won't be able to work out the fishes movements for a few weeks as the sea surface temperature models we use take a while to up date, but when we have the track I will send it to you.

The best position I can come up with is –38d10.646, 141d14.237, this should be accurate to within 500m but I am guessing it is just going to be washed up on the beach somewhere around here so if they walk up and down the shoreline around this location hopefully they can find it.

If they do happen to find it. It would be best to wrap it in bubble wrap, trying not to bend the antenna, then put it in and Australian post wine bottle transport pack and send it to me at the address below. We can then work out reimbursement of postage costs and the reward.

Wish them well on their hunting and thanks for teeing this up.



11/7/12."Tuna Tag".Darren Buttigieg last Friday contacted us with the Tasmanian Tuna Sat. tag that was taged 50/60 days ago off Eaglehawk and Poped just off "Swan Lake" 14 mile East of the South Australian border with a Transmitting location.We were given the location "GPS" which i gave to Cameron McCallem of Portland Fisheries and yes the Location was "4 Meters" out !!This $4/5 K's. tag is being sent back and the info will be down loaded.Times of depth,locations,tracks,routs,feeding areas, Temp of water etc. and when that info is availavle we'll post it.It would be interesting to know how long the Tuna spend in the 2.5/3 Thousand meter water and what months etc.They will be Taging other large Tuna next year also; and other info of Tuna taged this year will be available soon.

Cameron of Portland Fisheries with the located "Transmiter".

The Tuna Tag Transmiter.You'll know what one looks like now if you see it in a Tuna or Marlin etc.

6/7/12.Yes to no surprize still Tuna being caught yet still hard to catch even when you can see them."Taging"We were contacted by the guys that taged the big Tuna up at "Bermie" "Sydney"Greymouth"& Tassie ;They have had a "Tag" poped with a value of over $4K's. after its approx. 50/100 days from a Tuna from Tassie "Eaglehawk" which was poped between Port Mac and Portland with a location and it is to be recovered and should have some interesting info to come of it.It is contry to what everybody thort of the movement of big Tuna.

4/7/12.Yesterday and today boats out on Tuna from 70/130 meters and beyond and also to the East have caught there Tuna.

Birds off Cape Nelson 70 meter water on bait today.

The S.Right Whales are showing up like these two today.

2/7/12.One Charter boat had Tuna in the 70 meter water and was back by "Noon" today.This weekend is the Melbourne boat show for alot of "Fisho".

1/7/12.Yesterday four Charter boats and other hit the shellow Tuna waters in the winds and were baged out and in just after 2 P.M.Some were caught today also.

24/6/12.Yesterday the Charter boats caught there Tuna and one caught a 22 kg. Albie in the 70 meter water.Today some of the Charter boats took on the wind and caught Tuna again.Today we caught 2 Tuna and 7 couta in the 50 meter water 1st up; as then finished up with the other boats in the 130 meter water with another 6 Tuna which were released.They were still gapie and finicky.

Some of the Luers from today.

19/6/12.The Charter boats had there Tuna yesterday in the rougher conditions but strugled some today.Glen Powel,Glassie and Dave had to work hard for there Tuna also today after watching them breaking the bait for a long time.

Glen and Dave with some of there Tuna from today.

17/6/12.The Charter boats all baged out today on Tuna in the rough conditions and had to push out some what wider onto the Shelf to find the active biters.There is still Tuna in the 70/130 and onward but you need better conditions to locate and fish for them.

More Tuna from the weekend.

16/6/12.Some of the Charter boats including "Proline" had there bag of Tuna in the 100+ water today South of Lorance Rocks .The Tuna were under the Turns feeding on Sauries.We found plenty of them on the bite also today for a change and released 5.

Some of the Tuna from today.

15/6/12.Only the one Charter boat out today that we know;"Proline Charters" run by Andrew Horne and they had good sucess with the Tuna on the chew with his customers with there bag of Tuna and some released in the medium depth water South of Lorance Rock.

11/6/12.Today still plenty of Tuna to be seen but very hard to catch jumping in the 70+ meter water South of Lorance Rock and a long way to the East.In the 140 meter water there is alot of Dolphins, Seals and Bird life and who knows what else.Some seem to think there is so much bait in the area the Tuna are full and not interested in many of the fisho's offerings.

This is what our Sounder was showing today where the Tuna were jumping.

Some of the jumping Tuna.

9/6/12.Any amount of boats out of here today like about 300 and yes good for the Tourism $.Most of the boats could be seen from the land in patches between Lorance Rocks and Cape Nelson lighthouse in the 60 meter water catching Tuna today with the birds feeding also on the bait.A few boats were back at the tables just after 10 A.m cleaning there Tuna.

Note the "Barrel" baits;This bloke caught the Tuna and bait on Leurs this morning in 60 meter water.

7/6/12.Some of the Charter boats and Privates hit the water today with mixed results.The Tuna well on the chew for some of the Charter boats was in the 60 meter water not that far from the Harbour.

5/6/12.No boats out of here for next few days but as it settles it will be interesting to see were the Tuna will be.Chris Firkin of "Black Magic Leurs" sent me some of his latest Sword fish photos which you can have a look also.His mate and Chris have been catching them fairly regular for the last few years at New Zealand and have a very good technique simular but a bit different to what was in Blue water magazine.He said they have not missed out lately so he may be worth a chat next time he is here for those interested.They are all caught in daylight,tenchnique is important,Hooks,bait,depth, Moon etc.These cool Swords are in our waters and soon somebody will Pioneer this fishery.

Chris with the Sword fish from last week.

The Sword eye


.Some of the Charter boats did well on the weekend yet most of the active Tuna came from the 160/180 meter water before the “Horse Shoe” yet a lot of Tuna are in close from 30/60+ meter water “have Pilchards, Squid and larger baits in them” and are hard to catch even when they can be seen. The in close Tuna by gut content are on very small white bait or full of Krill and there is not much movement in the tides until today which will make a huge differce.Last Thursday till today the tides were in the “Hard to catch Basket” but if the amount of visual Tuna in close most should do well again. It is full moon now so expect to see the odd big Tuna over the next week.

1/6/12.Today we went for two long runs over the Tuna water on one of his work runs in his Helicopter and took some phots of some Whales alot of Tuna on bait even some "Barrel info.

31/5/12.Tuna were visable again but hard to catch for most today.Posibly not the first but the biggest"Butterfly Mackeral or Tuna! "at 41.8 Kg. which came out of the "Barrel" area" on a X Rap 30 Blue Mackeral.These Mackeral can grow to 2 meters.

Simon Faulituen,Nick Jojkity & Rob Dettmann with there 41.8 kg.Butterfly Mackeral.

The Rare 41.8 Kg.Butterfly Mackeral.

James Morton "Jebba" with one of our Tuna today.

One of the many Tuna we seen all day long.

30/5/12.Tuna were visable yet all had to be worked for today by all the boats involved.In the same aprox. area 50/70 meter about 16 mile East of the Harbour yet the report of Julian Dickerson was the one with the Trasher Shark for 50 minutes which they released and the "Barrel that was hooked up for 5.5 hrs. were the blokes in a 585 Streaker boat that was lost near the end of the fight.

Julian Dickersons crew caught this Thrasher Shark which they released while on the Tuna on a Repala X Rap.

29/5/12.Plenty of boats out again in the 50/70 meter water only 12

+ mile East out of the Harbour and all the boats had no trouble with the school Tuna.One crew won the "Raffle" again today with a 122.7 kg Tuna taken out of the school Tuna with a X Rap.The fight took 4 hrs in 50 meter water and if they went to "Sunset" like some on the Reel they would have pulled the X Rap hooks so it pays to be cool sometimes and have the Tuna.Chris Vasiley of "Gone Fishing Charters" jumped on bord the boat with the Tuna and helped the crew catch and Gaff there Tuna.The crew from Melbourne and this is there first "Barrel".This Tuna was caught on a TLD 50 - with 24kg line.

ChrisVasileyski,Nathan Faroe,Rowan Cozzella,Mo Showler with there 122.7 kg. Tuna.

The Repala X Rap out the box.

The Repala X Rap etc.

28/5/12.The Charter boats and others all had Tuna again today early from the same 50/100 meter water about 10 mile+ East of the harbour."Red Hot Charters" won the raffle today with there 81Kg. Tuna caught on a "'TL-20" with an unpacked 10 kg. line.They fought it for 1.25 hrs. while chasing it a bit with the boat!The luer was a small Richter Jet head and the other Tuna they caught were about 14 kg. in the catch.So there still is some Raffle tickets out there in the shellow water as this Tuna would not be the only one out there.

Alex"Deckie",Brian Rinaldi "Skipper" & Simon Rinaldi with the 81 kg.Tuna.

Which Rod!! The middle one, the TL-20.

The small "Richter" Lumo Jet Head Luer.

27/5/12.Most of the boats out today had Tuna which are been worked on in the 50/60 meter water halfway to Julia Percy Island.The Island is 20 mile East from the Harbour.

26/5/12.Most of the Charter boats out today had results and most were in the 80/100+ meter water. Most Tuna today were finicky."Game on Charters" had 2 nice size Dolphin fish in there catch.

Wain Wood with the Dolphin fish off "Game on Charters".

Greg Rudder with one of the Dolphin fish.

22/5/12.Of the boats fishing for Tuna are having no problems at the moment and are back between 1/3 pm. out of the 90 meter water.John Bakers crew from Horsham hada drop while fishing for Tuna andthe Tas. Trumpter of 10 kg.were a surprise.

Jock Baker with his 10 kg. Trumpters.

21/5/12.Camo from Port Fairy sent in these Shelf bottom fishing photos for a view from yesterday.

Andrew and Shane with 15.8 & 8.1 kg.Pink Ling;Shane with a 1.8 meter Frost fish.

20/5/12.Tuna are still hard to intice yet can be seen in the 40/60/100+ meter water in East of the Harbour,behind Laurence Rocks,off Cape Nelson and Bridgewater and even all the way to Julia Percy Island.The Shelf appears slow to in shellow water and the bird life,Seals,Dolphins and Penguins seem to agree.Today we seenDolphins feeding in Krill with any amount of Bird life on them and in the photos the bait was 2/3 kg. yet we had some Tuna stikes in amongst them.There was also 2 x 50w that came in with no line on them today.

Some of the Dolphins in the feeding area.

Size of the bait in the Dolphins mouth.Krill in the same water.

18/5/12.Tuna are still fickle yet plenty around and are trying out most Fisho's fishing skills.The Dolphin fish in the 140+ water South of the Rock and are there for the challenge.We have had Tuna for days in the shellow water but today "Atco" found them on another fishing trip in the"11/14 meter water about 2 klom. off shore and 9 miles East of the Harbour so they must be in the meatballs of Pilchards along the coast.

Jason Gauchi with one of his Dolphin fish.

16/5/12.The last few days Tuna have been caught but most have had to work or dig hard for them mainly because the tides have such little movement in them since last monday but that will change in the next few days.Today some boats had catches of Aprox. 10+ kg. Dolphin fish so they have shown up in the 140 meter water and so has some of the Krill which is a good sign.Some of the Tuna still came from the 30 meter water East of the Harbour today also.

Boat ramp early morning the last few days.

14/5/12.Plenty of Charter boats and Privates out of here today with most having good results on the Tuna.One I know cleaned up in the 30 meter water outside the Harbour and so did a few others yet the rest came from all over the place.

13/5/12.Due to the brisk weather here today not many boats hit the water.Yesterday one boat had caught some Tuna just outside the Harbour in the 30 meter water so Jack Hose,Jack Oliver and myself thought we would have a look and yes very rough but Tuna are there.This would be about 1.5 mile from the Harbour entrance.

Jack with the 30 meter deep Tuna.

Todays conditions.

12/5/12.The Charter boats and some Private boats have caught Tuna here for the last few days including today.Most of the Tuna have came from in close as 28/60/100 meters and beyond.We had a look in close today in the wind and found some in the 80 meter water.

We caught 2 Tuna on this Blue Dog Luer today.

And again.

7/5/12.Simon Rinaldi of "Redhot Charters " weighed in a male Mako of 157 kg. today.

Simon with the 157 kg. Mako Shark.

6/5/12.The boat count was over 200 boats today and a big launch line up.Most of the boats had to work for there Tuna with most having catches of Tuna in the 16+kg. range with odd Stripies,Albies andMakos to 70 kg.Most boats were near the "Horse Shoe" area in 300/500 m. water with a "Full Moon".

Mario,John and Daniel with some of todays Tuna.

Pepyiat,"Craig Watson of Blue Dog Luers" Oysters and Greenmachine with some of there catch.

Some of the 100 odd Pilot Whales we seen today in a big "Pod".

7am. today at the Boat Ramp.

One of todays Tuna.

5/5/12.Still plenty of Tuna comming in from in close 100m. water and the shelf "Horse Shoe" 400/500 m. water.We went out with John Haber of "Haines Hunter Boats",Mario and two of the "Storm players"Maca and Michael on Saturday and had to work hard for what we got in the 400 m. water at the "Shoe".

Maca and Michael Greenfield players for the "Storm" with some of the Tuna.

Macer on one of the Tuna.

One of the Soundings on the Tuna we were working.

2/5/12.This weekend is the Port MacDonnell anual "Clubs" fishing comp. starting Saturday 5th to 12th. This Comp.has been going on now for over 2/3 decades. For info on the P.Mac. Comp ring "Causing Havoc Fishing store"0887382988.

30/4/12.Tuna are still comming in from the Charter boats and the Private Fisho's with some odd Albies and Stripies.Another Bronzie of 108 kg. came in today also.

Nonda,Frank & Mark the Angler;with there 108 kg. Bronzie.

Some photos of the Gates shut up at the "Big Reef" on Sunday morning with the 7 meter + swell on it.We come through the big passage on the way home only.


27/4/12.Tuna have been caught in close as 40/60 meter water and out wide the last few days yet they are a bit finicky in close.Some boats are comming in Quick after 1 P.M. and others are using most of the day to catch the same catch.At present you need to choose your small Luers wisely and place them at the corect speed off the G.P.S. not the motor speedo!! 8 M.P.H.Sometimes close enough is not good enough.

Matthew Conn & Damien Gibson with there 110 kg. Bronzie on "Game On Charters today"They caught there share of Tuna and wonted to try some other fishing and this was the result.

23/4/12.All the "Luers or Leurs" that most of us use in most marketed brads when placed well work but some colors including content of "UV" and sizes on some days when the Tuna are fincky some seem to pull tuna a bit on the easier side.All the brands have some in there kit but we usually keep trying most new ones and they soon tell the storey when conpaired with some of the old favorite ones over the years how good a puller they are.

One of some of the tuna we released last trip that didn't mind these green "Blue Dog Watson luers" which have been quite regular takers mixed in with our other good takers.Your better to use your proven favorites and mix the 1/2 odd one into the spread.

22/4/12.The Charter boats were in early today with there Tuna today.We recieved the info back on Johnie Hetheringtons Mako capture from Saturday with the N.Zealand tag.

This is an interesting recapture as it has travelled further west than any Mako recaptured so far in our programme.

Bob there are a couple more details that would help. Please supply:

Method of Capture…

Shirt size for NZGFP reward shirt….

This fish was tagged on 18/03/2011 near New Plymouth, NZ and was estimated to be 40 kg.

The fish was caught on a lure and fight time was 6 minutes.

Therefore it had been at liberty for 399 days (13 months) and was recaptured about 1480 nmiles (2740 km) West from where it was released.

We will post a recapture letter and send a reward shirt when we get the size.

Our company has the contract to manage the Gamefish Tagging database for the Ministry of Fisheries (part of the Ministry for Primary Industries).

Thanks for reporting this fish.

John Holdsworth

Blue Water Marine Research

PO Box 402081

Tutukaka, NZ

+64 9 434 3383

Below summary of Mako Shark movements from the NZ Gamefish Tagging Programme

21/4/12.Still plenty of Tuna and Albies to 16 kg.+.All the boats we seen today were hooked up and plenty at the Tables being cleaned.The Charter boats cleaned up pretty quickly today.The two young Jacks and I had only Tuna which we released some but no Albies.Most of the action is a bit East or West of the "Horse shoe in the 400/500 meter water.

Jack & Jack with some of todays Tuna

Albatross grabing the bait the Tuna were pushing up were we caught our Tuna.There was about 25 Albatroses with a big school of large "Red Rockets" being pushed up with no seals only by the big splashes and posibly Barrels by the looks of the size of the Tuna.It was 5 P.M. so too late to play with them so you may see someone soon with a Big Tuna!!

More of The Albatross feeding.

20/4/12.Still any amount of Tuna came in again by 1 pm. by all the boats especially the charter boats.The very unusual was the 42.8 kg. male "Mako Shark" that Johnie Hetherington caught with the "New Zealand" fishery tag in it with the contacts and reward on it.The history of this Shark should be interesting.

This is another Sounding we had on the Tuna.

Some of todays Tuna ready for the tables.

Johnie with his "New Zealand" Mako.

19/4/12.All the Charter boats and most of the Private boats were in early today with no conplaints about catching Tuna.

"Aspro" & Crew happy with there catch.

Another photo from the weekend;Boat pushing out for Tuna.

These boats were pushing out on Monday with a 5/6 meter swell & not to much wind on it ;the other boat photos is not how the normal conditions are ,"as they were just unusual photos".

18/4/12.Most of the boats today had Tuna today with some comming in not long after noon.Odd Albies also come in today.

Another Boat on its way to the Shelf on the weekend.

Soundings,1 shellow & one deep we had on Tuna on the weekend.

17/4/12.Some Tuna came in again today.

"GPS" marks;The "Hore Shoe"aprox. 141/21/00 as the middle no"21" is each mile East adding toward Warrnambool totaling "60" or reducing toward the South Australian border which is "0".Off Warrnabool "57" .So you were at "21" middle no and your mate is at "27" he would be 6 mile East of you and the "38" no's are Nouth /South no's which you don't need usually as a"Depth like 400 meters is just as easy to locate you mate if he is hooked up!

This is one of the boats traveling out on Saturday; becide us.I think he was pushing it a bit!

16/4/12.Most of the boats out of here today in the windy "Greene" water had there Tuna and baged out fairly easy including Hunt's Charters at the "Horse Shoe"in 400 meter water.John Haber took his daughter Chelsea and John Ford from "Blue Water fishing Magazine"out today and had plenty of action with Tuna and Stripies in the 400 m. water.Most boats baged out quickly.

John Haber & Chelsea with her 1st.caught Tuna.

Chelsea,John and John Ford with some of the Tuna today.

15/4/12.Plenty of Tuna and some Stripeys today.The $3K's was won by Charelle Ainslie with Glen Greenes team which was one of the Haines Hunter Club teams,the $1200 & $800 was won by a tad lighter Tunas.nilly 70 Boat Entries and the P.S.& Game Fishing club done there job well with the help from there generous sponsors.There was about 18 boats in the area most in the H.Hunter Club group ;400 meter water centre of the "Horse Shoe".Most boats had plenty of Tuna and relesed plenty.

Charelle is $3K's better off;The team also release quite a few Tuna.Greenie scored mostly on the Green "Blue Dog Lures".

John Haber and Darren Hose with some of our Tuna in the same area.

13/4/12.Mixed bags of Tuna today,some of the Charters had good catches and others had bits and pieces.We had some Albies with some 6 kg. Stripeys.Some had Tuna and Albies and the large one of 116kg. from East of Julia Percy Island area in the 60 meter water will have some "Thinking".

Johnie Haber with one of todays 6 kg. Stripeys.

The Sperm Whale we seen in the 1000 meter water today.

12/4/12.Alot of "Albies" came in today on alot of boats up to Apr. 16 kg.Small tuna and up to 22 kg were also present.Still some Tuna are in the 120 meter water also.Most of The Albies came from 1000m water near the Horseshoe area.

Some of the Tuna from today.

11/4/12.Any amount of boats out of here today.Alot had Tuna with some good Albies up to the 17 kg. mark.Odd catches came from in close also.Some boats missed out and when it is calm like now you need to make sure your speed is"8" m/P.H. or very close to it and your favored lures are positioned well so as the 1st. rod sets the Tuna off.Use the lightest Leaders you can.

Some of todays Albies on the Tables

7/4/12.Most of the Charter and Private boats have had Tuna this weekend.Alot of the Tuna from in close have been small aprox 10 kg. while at the Shelf they are 20+kg.One Charter late yesterday fishing the Shelf had 8 good Tuna and Albies to 18 kg.Jack and I had a go on the Shelf today with 1 Stripey of Ap.6kg,4 Albies & 2 Tuna as it was fairly sloppy on the Shelf today.Some nice 12 kg School Sharks were caught over the Nth Shore this weekend.

Jack with one of the Albies.

Jack with todays Stripey.

5/4/12.Plenty of Tuna in the bin today from plenty of boats.Some of the Tuna we seen came from the 300/400 meter water at the "Horseshoe" area."Al" and a couple of friends came out with us and the Tuna were fairly slow yet we managed 8 Tuna and 1 Albie in the same area.Mario in his boat had a simular catch.

Cassey with one of todays Tuna.

Al with one of todays Tuna.

4/4/12.Yes there is Tuna comming in this week .Today some of the Charters and the Ptivate boats had plenty of Tuna in close as 40/60 meters of water and out to 100 meters and beyond.The 40 meter water was behind the Rock and one hooked into something for well over an hour.By the cray boats and others have sighted Tuna from the Rock to Bridgewater and who knows from there.

1/4/12.The Charter boat did well today and some of the Private boats including the Haines Hunter club boys who had some Vfl fooballers etc abord.Karl and Daniel and a couple of others did well again with there favored "Blue Dog" luers.Most of the action was in the "Horse shoe" area 300/400 meters of water and beyond.

The new Haines 760R taking the "Storm "boys out on the Tuna.

Khal and some of the "Blue Dog" luer caught Tuna.

31/3/12.Most of the boats out in the wind today had Tuna.We took Jack,Lockie Mario,Daniel out today and ended up with 5 out of 10 in the rough conditions in close.

Jack and Daniel with one of todays Tuna.

Mario with one of todays Tuna.

30/3/12."Richo" of the "Portland Sport & Game" fishing club weighed the Tuna at 67.4 kg. cleaned ! and supplied this photo and info.John and Steve of "Big Fish" on for 3 hrs. with 24 kg.1000 m. water.

John & Steve with there 67.4 kg Tuna today.

29/3/12.A few boats today had some nice size Albies and some tuna also from the 700 m. water slightly East of the "Horseshoe".We were in simular water but the Tuna were very finicky yet it could change by tomorrow.we did find another large Squid which would be Aprox. 100kg.+.It was aprox. 2meters long with no Tentacles and 1 meter wide.It had sharp Hooks on its Suckers.

Powley shows the big Squid today.

Photo shows the Hooks in the "Suckers".

28/3/12.The fish tables had plenty of use again today from Charter boats and Private "Fisho's"with Tuna over 20 kg. and good size Albies.Port Mac. is also Firing and some of there Tuna are in Close.Where there is smoke there usually is a fire so keep an eye on "Apollo Bay".The Boat wash here could be a few more weeks before it is in use !!

27/3/12.Most of the boats fishing for Tuna today had to work hard for there feed and most of the preasure was applied in the simular area to yesterdays good catches but not the same action today. Even thow the Boats didn't do as well today

there was good size Albies caught over the 17 kg. mark.Redeye had 5 Albies and Tuna.While well known Fish'o from Port Fairy Colin Dobson had 6 good Albies out of 9 he hooked up.These were in the 700 m. water.Albies have a habit of comming off as for there soft mouth conpaired to Tuna.

Colin Dobson 'Airborn" with his Albies.

Albies,good sign for fishing to come.

26/3/12.All the boats on Tuna today had good success again with the good weather.Most of the Tuna are App. 16/20 kg.Yes so plenty of Tuna being chopped up on the fish tables today.

Well known "Redeye"was one of manny on the tables today.

25/3/12.All the Charter Boats and Private boats out had good success on Tuna today.Most of the Tuna were up to the 20 kg. mark and were caught near the "Horseshoe"in the 300/1000m. water area.Jack Hose,Jack Oliver and myself went wide but no Albies yet we seen 2 Sperm Whales,alot of dolphins and bird life yet at the Horseshoe in 700 meters of water we grabbed 5 Tuna.

Jack and Jack with some of the Tuna.

One of the Pakula lures we used today.

Some of the Mutton Birds we seen.

2 Jacks having a play.

Jack on testing his new Rod.

This is the area known as the "Horseshoe".

19/3/12.Some of the charter Boats and Private boats have had mixed success with Tuna and most have had results.Port MacDonnell has had simular results with some Tuna being caught in closer.Most have been in the 700/1000 meter water and in Portland from the Horse Shoe and West- ward.Roger Chatterton of Seaspray Charters shows some of his 10 Tuna today and he also had a larger one for a while.There was a 142 kg.Bronzie caught on the weekend of Charlie Goral and other have still being catching School and Gummie Sharks.There is plenty of Salmon still around also.

Roger of Seaspray cleaning some of todays catch.

13/3/12.A few boats hit the Tuna today with some results.Joe of "Bluefin 2"Charters skipered his custormers to 3 Tuna and a nice Albie and showed them what a "Barrel" looks like before they lost it.We were luckie enough to time a photo as you don't see all the Tuna that come in.There is also heeps of 2 kg.+Samon from the Rock's to the Harbour.

Joe and his Crew with there catch.

12/3/12.Steve Atcherson "Atco" and my self went with Geoff Sturzaker and found some nice Tuna to the 27 kg. mark which we kept 4 of."Camo's" mate fishing here today had 4 good Tuna also today and yesterday.Note "McHunt was not out today". Most of the Tuna were caught in 700/1000 m. water.

Geoff Sters. and Atco with some of todays Tuna.

Atco with another Tuna.

This photo shows the Tuna blowing the Saries out of the water today.

One of todays Tuna.

11/3/12.Today Khal kassab in his boat and our crew went East,Khal ended up with 2 nice Tuna and we nill.Steve Atcherson and Geoff Sturzaker caught some nice tuna again today, there was plenty of other boats that done well also with Tuna to the 27kg. mark.There was a 140 kg. Bronze Shark also caught.Port MacDonnell fired well today for most Tuna fisherman as reported from there Tackle Store and most have all been in the 700 meter water and beyond.

Khal Kassab showing one of todays Tuna.

Jack Oliver shows the small Giant Squid we found Today in 700 meter water.

Lockie shows his catch of Whiting today.

10/3/12.Today Glenn Greene and myself took two of the "Melbourne storm" players for a look for some Tuna and it was slow as we only had two hook ups yet we managed one of aprox. 25+kg.Jordan McLean and Vili Sirilo were the two boys.Steve Atkinson managed 5 Tuna up to 27 kg.out of Portland.Camo and crew from Port Fairy went to Port MacDonnell and had 7 up to 28 kg.So the Tuna are around but still a bit finicky.There is alot of Birds and Dolphins feeding in the areas and most Tuna were in the 1000 m. water.

"Macca"McLean of the "Melbourne Storm"with his Tuna.

Macca with his Tuna.

The area we were fishing.

26/2/12.Seaspray Charters had a good catch of Snapper on Friday,Atco had 13 small Kings on Saturday which were released and there is big schools of small Kings and Samon over the Nth. Shore.Two Bronzies came in on Saturday one of 85 kg. and the other 140 kg.Plenty of Whiting catches have also came from the normal areas.The Haines Hunter Club boys took some of the Melbourne Storm boys out on the Tuna water.No action on the Tuna but they seen plenty of Killer Whales feeding posibly on Squid,small Albies that were being sprayed aroud also .There was 5 Killer Whales that we could see at one time.We seen several sitting bird patterns which had finicky Tuna with them.Garry Corsing at Port MacDonnell said the Tuna over there were also not Fireing but today the Cray boats seen Tuna jumping in close at 80 meter water.

Some of the Killer Whales we seen.

More of the Killer whales.

Some of the Storm boys in Greene's boat.

Check "Main Menu"on front page, for Portland Tuna Charters and Portland Accommodation contacts.

24/2/12.Fishtrack have sent in this link for Temp map etc they are developing on a trial which is good for Tuna;Q. I have been reading some of your fishing reports for offshore Portland. Looks like good fishing down there when the conditions aren't too rough.

I manage and wanted to let you know about our new fishing service- - which covers most regions in Aus/NZ and combines BW wind and swell forecasting with the latest satellite imagery.

eg. what Boy weather is now devolping

23/2/12."Boat Ramp is now open"at 11 am. This morning thanks to our Local Member in Warrnambool Dennis Napthine.

19/2/12.There has been a few Tuna comming in consistently the last few days,Saturday a fuew from the Portland area yet Sunday the Harbour was closed from a chemical spill.Port MacDonnell has been consistant on the South Aus. border in the 140 meter water.John Haber,Joey Falcone and I went out of Port Mac today and at the border in the 140 meter water there is any amount of Tuna Jumping with an endless amount of birds working on them and as what we could see with about 7 Port Mac boats was they were feeding on "Saries" and by all boats very fickle to catch.Only a few boats hooked up and the rest just watched the Tuna juming most of the day which to some may be hard to believe but there is as the old blokes used to say "Acers" of them.

John Haber and Joey Falcone with one of todays Tuna.

John and Joey today.

Some of todays Bird life.

16/2/12.Trevor Moodey,Garry Corsing and some friends on the Remarkable including 7 other boats had a good day on the Tuna at Port MacDonnell in the 140 meter water in the east direction;The biggest being 28 kg. plenty released by several boats and alot were released with "Club Tags".If you went aprox 20 /26 N.Miles West from Bridgewater Point you would be fishing were they are.If you look at Julia Percy Island from Portland when the weather is clear the Island is 20 N.miles from Portland.The Horse Shoe Shelf is 34 N.Miles from Portland Harbour so as you can see the Tuna are well in the Region but is still a fraction early and some Fisho's need to locate them then everybody can have a good play with these amazing Sports Fish. Even Port Fairy posibly has small groops of Tuna somewhere in there waters now.

Some of there catch.

14/2/12.Just keeping those of interest in the the Tuna Loop courtesy Garry Corsing of Port MacDonnell Tackle shop.Today in aprox 140 meter water several boats including Noel Doodye who had his bag;Clint Wilson who had Tuna to 26 kg. and released another 20 odd. Could have some photos over the next fuew days.Cheers.

12/2/12.As a lot of people are interested in, or what may be the case with tuna, Trevor Moody of the "Remarkable" charters, grabbed some this morning in medium shallow water off Port MacDonnell on his way out to do a blue eye charter.There was also some others caught in the arvo. Everybody want's tuna before the normal 2nd weekend of Februray and "where there is Smoke there is usually Fire" there were small groups of tuna going past here as reported from the "Pro" boats for the last few weeks. We have got our boat back now from Johnnie Hunter so we will be going out this coming week hopefully to mess it up with some tuna hopefully.

5/2/12.The ANSA Fishing Comp had plenty of fish weighed in on the light line class. Plenty of snapper to 1.5 kg, whiting, salmon, gummie sharks to 15 kg, school sharks to 23 kg, some small kings and mako's. Ken Johnstone caught a bronzie shark, 127.2 kg, on a 10 kg line which is a pending Australian record. We have krill blooms in close and some very good signs of tuna not far away according to some of the info we have received. In 2006 the 1'st big tuna were caught off Port Fairy around this weekend.

Atko with a 23 kg.School shark.

Ian Cullock with a 15 kg Gummie;Note the Octopus it had for Breakfast.

Ken Johnstones record 127.2 kg Bronzie.

Shanne Day with some of there catch;includig a 3.5 kg Queen Morwong.

29/1/12.Still plenty of Snapper,Whiting and Salmon with odd small Kings yet the weather has not been good for the Kings.Saturday one large school of Salmon were off the Corkscrew yet Sunday 3 big Schools of Salmon were boiling the Big Reef at the Lorance rocks area.Seaspray charters has had consectuive catches of School Sharks as well as other Fisho's and Saturday had 3 Snapper over 3 kg. with others of 1.5 kg. in there catch.Khal Kassab his 2 sons and i had a look in the Tuna water Sunday to the 1000 m. water were the Whale Resurch boat had been with most of there reporting and locations being how they reported it.It may be another 2/3 weeks for the Tuna by the signs yet Port Mac may see the 1st.

Zac Kassab shows some of Saturdays catch.

Garry Causing from Port Mac caught some more Harpuka this week and sent this photo.

Mitchell n James Cauchi with some of the Whiting.

21/1/12.Still plenty of small Kings over the North

Shore with odd good ones mixed with them.Some Fisho's are releasing alot of the small ones and there is big schools of large Salmon around also.These fish will continue till well after Easter but usually the Tuna run will steer most fishermen away from them.School Shark and heeps of small to medium snapper are there for the taking also.In recent yesrs on 3 different years i have taken photos of S.B.Tuna in the Harbour in January including 40+ kg in 2006.50 years ago when the tuna were prolific before the Persane nets devostated the world stocks you would see Tuna at the Nth. Shore,In front of the Town lighhouse and near Julia Percie Island in January in close 60 m. water.The local boats used to catch these Tuna by the "Tons" and sell them to the canning factory in the the canel at Safcol.So when sombody says they had a "Look"make sure it is sombody who knows how to look under the water with electroncs not just on top and do all the research on the Blue Whale boats,Trawlers and information trail as for every 15m. x 70m. is a 1000 square miles you need to check with one boat !! but there would be Tuna out there now but we all need No "1" to locate them for us and give us a mark.The Whale resurch boat has already seen larger than school size Tuna today on there way back in from the Blue whale resurch area.

Steve Puopolo shows one of manny small Kings they caught.

16/1/12.Some recent Kings from the last week supplied and caught by Mark Gercovich."Quote"Here's a photo of Matt Kerr with a 16.02kg kingfish we got recently if you want to use it .It was matt's first king....alll downhill from here!!! ive got a 13.5kg and a 11.8kg recently as well so there's a few goodun's amongst the rats!!!
cheers mark gercovich

Matt Kerr with the 16.02 kg King.

15/1/12.There was over 340 entries in the Portland Bait & Tacke fishing comp.for the Make a wish foundation.Plenty of Snapper up to 1kg.+ with any amount of Whiting with allot near the 1 kg. mark and only a fuew Kings up to the 5 kg. mark.There is and has been Kings caught for a good week now but they like the water clean and warm to become active so later this week we will hear more of these.Other fish as School Shark and 2 kg.+ samon were even caught this weekend.I fished with some of the Haines Hunter club boys as Glen Green and his friends All and Karl for plenty of small Snapper,large Whiting and a good look at the Salmon beside the Lee Breakwater being caught by some Fisho's.In the comp Chris Finlayson won the $1K's for Kingfish and Hunn Jennings won the $500 for his 1 kg. Whiting.

Khal Kassab with one of the Whiting.

Some of the Salmon outside the Lee Breakwater today.

6/1/12.Anyamount of small Kings are being caught by boats anchoring up and on the slow trawling of baits and small lures in 7/8 meter water at Snapper Point.Plenty of snapper are also in the same area.

Atko playing with 2 kg. line on the Kings.

4/1/12.Still more small Kings today with a mixture of large Samon.Last Night Joe Margo at 5PM.caught a nice 10Kg.+King.also.

Mick Kaos recent Snapper off the Lee;Joe Margo last night 10Kg.+ King.

3/1/12.Yesterday plenty of small Kings were caught by several groups on Anchor and on the move.Some Snook are also comming from these catches.Today some of the small school Kings we seen with Steve Atcherson would had seen 3 schools at a time with several hundreds of Kings in them they were in view for several hours feeding on small white bait.Saun Scicluna had a good 10.1 kg.King on lite line fishing with his friend Daniel.So plenty of 4/5 kg Kings with the bigger ones still to rear there Heads.Most other fish as Schoolies,Snapper,Whiting and Mako's are alll still comming in also.

Sean Scicluna with his 10.1 King and one of the Schools busting.

Jack showing the small released Kings ;Hard to obtain shots of Kings in the water.

1/1/12.Some more small Kings were caught again today at Snapper Point.Yesterday Julian Dickerson put one of his crew on to a 7.5 kg Tassie Trumpeter.

Aaron Talbot with the 7.5 kg Trumpeter.