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Photo Bob McPhersonThe fauna & flora has arguably the best scenery along the eighty kilometers of estuary waters of the mighty Glenelg River which is one of the states best kept secrets.
These national parks and state forests boost some of the best and rarest orchids in Australia with mind blowing wild flowers and sun orchids from September onwards. The famous Wilkens fauna state forest is a delight to see with its unique flora and fauna and the Stringy bark forest is home to the endangered red tail cockatoos which breed here, are very vocal and a visually enticing piece of nature.
These Parks have important undergrowth which is infested with the most amazing orchids, wildflowers, mammals, plants that would truly amaze any visitor, the raptures, wedge tail eagles of which some over 40 years old and are an amazing sight of true wildness of the past.
The forest in some parts is like it was hundreds of years ago and still appears this way which is thanks to its park managers who encourage and control this.
Some of the fauna can be found along major roads to Mt Gambier, in and around Casterton, Penola Road, and the upper and lower Glenelg National Parks.
This area is also full of fish such as: mulloway, redfin, trout and bream,.
There are lots of sulphur tail black cockatoos, lots of various birds including owls, all types of parrots, kangaroos, koalas, anteaters and emus.
The great south west walk ventures through the heart of these parks and has been left close to its natural state of years gone.
Some of the true history lies within many of the older residents that have lived in these wild parts all their life and you really need to chat to these people to unlock the true treasures of these mecca places

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